Mohammed VI Foundation for the promotion of social works: nearly one teacher in four owns a home

VideoThe Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Works is doing commendable work in favor of its 475,000 members, nearly a quarter of whom have been able to acquire main housing through the various mechanisms put in place by this institution.

Nearly one in four teachers now owns a home thanks to the various programs initiated by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the promotion of social works, said Youssef Bekkali, president since 2018 of this Foundation.

In an interview with Le360, the day after the Board of Directors of the Foundation for the first half of 2022, Youssef Bekkali indicated that the total number of teachers who are members of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the promotion of social works represents more than 55% the overall number of state officials.

During the Board of Directors on September 15 in Rabat, the 2018-2028 strategic plan, presented by the Foundation to His Majesty, was examined. The achievements of the first half of 2022 were also reviewed.

“As expected, the balance sheet was in line with our forecasts because our major services, which are housing and health, experienced the same enthusiasm as they have known since the creation of the Foundation and the establishment of one of the housing programs said Imtilak launched in 2019” rejoiced its president.

This program aims to “house 100,000 teachers. We have already reached the number of 26,000. This means that more than a quarter of our objective has been achieved in less than three years”.

The foundation granted housing loans for a total of 130,000 members through various mechanisms put in place by the foundation, i.e. one-fifth of the members.

With regard to health, said the president, during the first half of 2022 some “130,000 files were processed for reimbursement of around 83,000 million dirhams”.

In this chapter of health, it was “appealed to the relief fund to, in particular, treat the case of a child whose condition will require a bone marrow transplant for an amount of 245,000 euros” specified the president .

After housing and health, the Council, continues Youssef Bekkali, debated the new so-called “Yassir” program which revolves around social credits worth 20,000 and 30,000 dirhams granted at a zero percent rate. “Today, we have registered, in less than six months, more than 30,000 requests, the objective being to grant 40,000 credits per year”.

The President also indicated that the Foundation has raised to 40%, instead of 30%, the rate of subsidy granted for the purchase of train tickets. “We did the same for road transport with the operator Supratour”.

The number of teachers’ family travelers has reached “1.5 million people every year, which has greatly encouraged local tourism. For the Foundation’s summering centers in Marrakech, El Jadida, Ifrane and Agadir “the occupancy rate was 100% during this summer”, he said. In addition to supporting teachers for the pilgrimage to Mecca, the Council also focused on the innovative program which concerns the construction of health and care centres.

During this second half of the current year, attention will be given to the construction of a 200-bed hospital in Agadir and another with 80 beds in Oujda, at the start of 2023. According to Youssef Bekkali, “four other land spread across the kingdom is the subject of an acquisition operation, in Laayoune, Safi, Kenitra and Tangier for the construction of hospitals”.

It should be emphasized, recalled the head of this Foundation, “that we presented a letter to the sovereign in which the Foundation undertook to build health centers for a total amount of 3 billion dirhams with 4 hospitals of 200 beds and 18 other small and medium-sized ones”. This is a huge project that has begun and “we hope to be there around 2025 for Agadir and Oujda” concluded Youssef Bekkali.


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