Moroccan Brahim Saadoun freed by Putin thanks to Saudi mediation, H24info

Ten prisoners of war from several countries including the United States and the United Kingdom have been transferred from Russia to Saudi Arabia, as part of an exchange between Moscow and Ukraine, the Saudi Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The prisoners, also from Sweden, Morocco and Croatia, arrived in Saudi Arabia from Russia, and the Saudi authorities are “working to facilitate the procedures for their safe return to their respective countries”, according to a press release from the ministry.

This exchange was facilitated by the efforts of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, de facto leader of Saudi Arabia, who “continues to undertake humanitarian initiatives in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis”, added the same source.

It did not specify the identity of the ex-prisoners, the date of their arrival or the date of their return to their countries. But according to concordant sources, the Moroccan Brahim Saadoun is among the ten prisoners released.

The war in Ukraine, invaded in February by Russia, has fueled tensions between Saudi Arabia and the United States, an ally for decades.

Saudi Arabia voted in favor of a first UN resolution to denounce the Russian invasion and demand the withdrawal of troops from Moscow.

But the Saudi oil kingdom has resisted pressure from the United States to increase crude production to ease the energy crisis resulting from the war — pressure marked by a July visit by US President Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, he coordinated with the OPEC+ cartel which he leads jointly with Russia. But faced with fears of recession, the OPEC+ countries decided to reduce their production in early September to support prices.

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