Moroccan Sahara: an international peace conference isolates the “Polisario”

Kiosk360. The first international conference for peace and security in the Sahara was marked by the participation of important Spanish political figures who supported the Moroccan initiative. Details in this press review from the daily Assabah.

The first international conference for peace and security in the Sahara, which was held Thursday and Friday in Las Palmas (Canary Islands), was attended by several Spanish political figures, international researchers, international experts, journalists, sheikhs and notables of the Sahrawi tribes.

On the Spanish side, took part in this conference, the former President of the Spanish Government, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the President of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs in the European Parliament, and former Minister of Justice , Juan Fernando López Aguilar and the former Spanish Minister of Defense and ex-head of the intelligence services, José Bono, reports the daily Assabah in its weekend edition of September 24 and 25.

During his speech, the daily reports, José Bono affirmed that “the UN Security Council has definitively buried the option of a referendum in the Sahara and has hailed in its resolutions the autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty presented by the kingdom as being serious and credible”.

And to recall that “the last time that the Security Council used the expression of a referendum in its resolutions on the Sahara, it was in resolution n°1359 of June 29, 2001”, indicating “that in 2007, Morocco responded to the Security Council’s call for a political solution by proposing an autonomy plan for the Sahara. Since then, the Security Council has considered the Moroccan proposal serious and credible”.

In the same context, José Bono indicated that “autonomy was the constitutional solution to the problem of the territorial distribution of power in Spain and the legal and solidary response to those who demanded independence”. And to note that “the Spanish government, by declaring that the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco is the “most serious, realistic and credible basis”, is going in the same direction as the UN resolutions and it is in agreement with the position of the United States and Germany’.

For their part, the sheikhs and notables of the Sahrawi tribes underlined that “the autonomy initiative under Moroccan sovereignty proposed by the kingdom remains the political solution to put a definitive end to the artificial conflict created around the Moroccan Sahara”.

For his part, continues the daily, the former ambassador of the United States of America to Morocco, Edward Gabriel, “called on the UN Security Council to move forward towards a lasting political solution to the question of the Sahara on the basis of the autonomy plan” under Moroccan sovereignty proposed by the kingdom.

In a message addressed to participants in the first International Conference for Peace and Security in the Sahara, he affirmed that “Morocco presented in 2007 a proposal which was qualified as serious, credible and realistic by the Security Council of the Sahara. UN, which is called upon to move towards this solution with the support of the United States”.

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