Moroccan students abroad: a strong presence in engineering schools

Kiosk 360. Moroccan students stand out abroad, in France in particular. They are among the brightest students of French engineering schools. This is a press review taken from the daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia.

It is the largest student community in France, with an enrollment of nearly 45,000 students in various French higher education establishments. Almost 13% of them study in engineering schools. Each year, Moroccans excel in the entrance exams to prestigious French schools. The Polytechnic, for example, currently welcomes 160 Moroccan students, including 110 who follow the engineering cycle, reports the daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia in its edition of Monday, December 27.

Moreover, Morocco has about twenty establishments offering 19 scientific preparatory classes which give access to the competitive examinations of the French grandes écoles. Which is considered a record in itself.

Quoting the French daily Le Figaro, Al Ahdath Al Maghribia underlines that in the Kingdom, the fact of obtaining an engineering diploma from a large French school is considered as a means to access the elite class. By having gone through Centrale or Polytechnique, one can, in fact, exercise the profession of engineer but also create companies, manage a large group or even engage in politics.

Several Moroccan ministers and former ministers are also from these schools. The Moroccan association of former students of the Polytechnic school has among its 300 members several former ministers such as Adil Douiri, Mohamed Kabbaj and Driss Benhima. Taking up a statement made to the daily Le Figaro by Gaëlle Le Goff, director of international relations at École Polytechnique, Al Ahdath Al Maghribia notes that Moroccan students have a very good background in mathematics and physics and “their level is incredible”.

The choice of Moroccan students for French schools is not accidental. Over the years, the authorities of both countries have prepared the ground well for them. Morocco and France have in fact signed more than 300 partnership agreements and conventions in the field of higher education. Most of these agreements are directly binding on Moroccan and French universities and higher education establishments. And it is thanks in particular to this multitude of agreements that the students of Moroccan preparatory classes are eligible for the competitions of the French grandes écoles, explains the daily.

Along with France, the newspaper said, several other countries are doing everything to attract Moroccan students. Thus, in addition to Canada, which our students have increasingly chosen in recent years, Germany and countries in Eastern Europe such as Ukraine and Romania attract a lot of Moroccan students. Until very recently, some 4,000 students continued their university education in Ukraine, mainly in the health field (medicine, dentistry or pharmacy).

In the case of Germany, it is the technical fields that attract Moroccan students the most. Currently, the daily notes, more than 70,000 Moroccan students are pursuing their university studies all over the world, many of them in the most prestigious universities.

In addition, there are more than forty university exchange programs in Morocco which allow students to obtain scholarships in order to continue their studies abroad. Morocco is also a signatory to more than 150 international agreements in the field with a large number of countries around the world.

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