Morocco-EU parliamentary twinning: a forum for women MPs created, an Amazigh translation project launched

VideoThe second institutional twinning (2022-2024) between the House of Representatives and the Parliaments of seven European countries was launched on Friday, September 23, 2022, in Rabat. This partnership advocates the creation of a forum of women parliamentarians.

The twinning between the Chamber of Representatives and the Parliaments of seven European countries, financed by the European Union and managed by the General Treasury of the Kingdom, provides for the support of the Belgian Parliament in the implementation of a sophisticated system of translation of the Amazigh to Arabic language.

Rachid Talbi Alami, Speaker of the House of Representatives, emphasized Morocco’s attachment to this partnership, which, according to him, will lead to the development of legislative cooperation through, in particular, the exchange of expertise, visits and the development of common projects, he underlined at the launch of this twinning.

Rachid Talbi Alami thanked the Belgian Parliament for its availability to put its experience at the service of the project of translation of various languages. The Belgian institution benefits from expertise in the interpretation of three languages: French, Flemish and German. It is this Belgian experience that should benefit the Moroccan Parliament so that it acquires a translation mechanism from the Amazigh language into the Arabic language. In Morocco, the Amazigh language is an official language at the same level as Arabic.

The new twinning also provides for the mobilization of 70 experts from the seven different assemblies, “reflecting the full diversity of parliamentary practices”.

This new Morocco-EU institutional twinning brings together the Chamber of Representatives and a consortium formed by the French National Assembly (represented by the first vice-president, Valérie Rabaul), the Czech Chamber of Deputies (Jaroslav Bzoch) and the Belgian Chamber of Representatives (represented by its president, Eliane Tillieux). This new twinning benefits from the support of the Chambers of four other Member States: Italy, Greece, Hungary and Portugal.

Its objective is to “support the efficiency of the Moroccan House of Representatives in terms of legislative work, control and evaluation of policies, at the same time as the performance of its administration”.

Closing the ceremony, the EU ambassador in Rabat, Patricia Llombart Cussac, hailed the “historic relations that bind Europe to the Kingdom, recalling that the EU is Morocco’s leading economic partner. Patricia Llombart Cussac felt that parliamentary diplomacy “plays a crucial role in bringing states’ political positions closer together”.

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