Morocco. The giant DELL merges its two main subsidiaries

Nearly six years after recording their marriage at the global level, the two information systems giants, Dell Technologies and EMC Corporation, have not yet finished with the materialization at the “local” level of what was considered to be the biggest high-tech M&A deal of the past decade.

EMC Corporation had put its bundle in 2014 on the Moroccan market where DELL has been present for nearly 20 years. The group listed on the NEW York Stock Exchange has just finalized the merger of EMC Information System Morocco Limited by Dell SAS. The absorbing party based in Casanearshore (Moroccan flagship of nearshoring businesses), thus recovers the activity of the absorbed party, namely the representation in Morocco of products and services stamped EMC, known worldwide in the computer storage business (data storage ) and which are distributed by partner importers, such as Ingram Micro North Africa.

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The objective of this merger at the Moroccan level is to pool the management resources and the administrative staff of the two merged entities and to simplify the ownership structure of the Moroccan subsidiaries by the American parent company. From a social point of view, this merger is going smoothly, knowing that HR processes and practices have been converging for 5 years and that EMC Information System Morocco Limited also had its head office in Casanearshore.

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Recall that the giant DELL achieved, for the financial year ended at the end of January 2022, a record consolidated turnover of more than 100 billion dollars (more than 1007 billion DH or 94% of Moroccan GDP! ) for an operating result of 4.7 billion dollars (more than 50 billion DH).

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