Mourning and solidarity with Meriem, who tragically died during a clandestine abortion

Time for mourning: this is the name of a campaign launched on social networks this Tuesday, September 20, 2022 by the collective 490 Hors la loi. A day of mourning in solidarity with Meriem, 14, tragically died following an illegal abortion, 15 km from Midelt.

The members of the 490 Hors la loi collective declared this Tuesday, September 20, 2022 a day of mourning on social networks. In the early hours of this Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the hashtag #MERIEM took its place on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, so that the tragic fate of 14-year-old Meriem does not sink into oblivion.

“Meriem, 14, raped, died on September 6 following a clandestine abortion, due to an unjust system of laws that we all know and under which we live”, indicates the press release of this collective, which pleads for repeal of article 490 of the penal code criminalizing sexual relations outside marriage.

It is therefore, on social networks, a day of mourning and remembrance in memory of the teenager, whose story once again awakens the thorny issue of abortion in Morocco. “You will always be remembered #MERIEM, and while keeping you in our thoughts, we hope, pray, and fight, for a better future for our Moroccan children”, is it mentioned in the press release.

Thus in his memory, the collective of “490 Moroccans Outlaws”, which brings together several personalities, including Leila Slimani and Sonia Terrab, has decided to organize this day of collective mourning to stand alongside his family and loved ones. . “To participate, you can write a few words for her by simply using her first name: the hashtag #MERIEM in your publications, or by posting the image that we have prepared”, suggests the collective, while recalling that “the mourning will take place all day Tuesday, September 20 on the web, in our hearts and wherever we can.”

Meriem, barely 14 years old, died at the home of her rapist, where the clandestine abortion she was undergoing took place, in the presence of the victim’s mother, on the night of September 6 to 7. , 15 km from Midelt, a small town at the junction between the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas.

Another association, the Collectif Printemps de la Dignité, had in turn explained in a press release that this intervention had taken place in the presence of a midwife as well as a technician from the Azrou hospital, who would pass for a nurse.

The result was dramatic: a serious haemorrhage, which ended in the death of Meriem. All those involved in this sordid affair, including the mother of the young teenager, have been arrested by the police and are currently under investigation.

The collective 490 Hors la loi demands a “radical reform” of the terms of the penal code, in compliance with the principles of the constitution and international pacts.

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