Naoufel Bannis: I listened to Regragui…

Banished Naoufal

The 20-year-old player Naoufal Bannis, on loan from Feyenord to FC Eindhoven, gave his feelings and aspirations for his future, he who made the choice of the Lions in a definitive way after having nevertheless won the European title with the U17 Batavians.

The neo-Lionceau says about him: “I want to score a lot of goals with my current club to come back to Feyenoord and earn my place there or in a first division club that will give me playing time”.

“I arrived last year with the Olympic team, since that day I thought of representing the Moroccan national team. I spoke with my family and together we opted for Morocco. They left me the free choice but my heart chose Morocco, the country of my parents”.

“I listened to Regragui and I liked when he talked about young people saying he will give us our chance, I would like him to give me my chance and I will take it fully, I liked his speech. For the moment, I wish the national team to proudly represent Morocco and to represent us as best as possible”.

A new element in the den of the Cubs which also signs the surely bright future of this selection and that of the Atlas Lions where places will be expensive but where everything is now possible…

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