Niger sees the arrival of a new wave of more than 600 migrants expelled from Algeria

West African migrants board a truck in Agadez, northern Niger, after fleeing armed groups in Libya in March 2017.

More than 600 migrants, originating from ten African countries, arrived in the north of the Niger after being turned away fromAlgerialearned AFP, Tuesday, September 20, from the local authorities.

Six hundred and sixty-nine people – including fourteen women and five minors – arrived ” walk “ on September 17 in Assamaka, the Nigerien town closest to the border, after being turned back from Algeria, local authorities told AFP. Among them, 286 Malians, 166 Guineans, 37 Burkinabés, 27 Senegalese, 25 Beninese, 22 Ivorians, 21 Gambians, 21 Sudanese, 19 Nigerians, 14 Cameroonians and 14 Sierra Leoneans, but also two Nigeriens and nationals of Chad, Mauritania , Guinea-Bissau, Liberia and Togo.

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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has “confirmed” at AFP “the arrival of the wave of migrants” of Algeria, without however advancing a number. “We are ready to help them. Migrants who wish to join our assisted voluntary return program can be admitted at our transit center in Assamaka”assured the IOM.

“Inhuman treatment”

On September 6, 847 migrants, mostly Nigeriens and including 40 women and 74 unaccompanied children, arrived in Agadez after being turned back from Algeria, the municipality of this large city in northern Niger told AFP. . In early July, the IOM announced that it had rescued 50 West African migrants, including women and children, “blocked” in the desert north of Niger, near the border with the Libya.

Considered an El Dorado and a transit point to Europe, Algeria has expelled tens of thousands of irregular migrants from sub-Saharan Africa since 2014, according to the United Nations. Some of these migrants try to survive in Algeria, often by begging, but a large number seek above all to reach Europe.

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In June, the organization Médecins sans frontières (MSF) denounced “inhuman treatment” inflicted on West African migrants seeking to reach Europe, including “about 2,000” are “on average monthly” deported from Algeria and Libya to neighboring Niger. Algeria, which has no asylum legislation, has often denied these accusations, denouncing a “malicious campaign”.

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