Nouaceur: Dismantling a gang of car thieves

Nouaceur: Dismantling a gang of car thieves

Twenty-four stolen cars were discovered in a depot belonging to a gang of thugs by the sleuths of the royal gendarmerie of Ouled Saleh with the coordination of their colleagues from Nouaceur.

In this regard, three members of this gang have been arrested and others are actively sought. The case broke out following a complaint lodged with elements of the Royal Gendarmerie of Ouled Saleh, by a motorist with a car transporting goods.

In his complaint, he reveals that on the night of Monday, September 12, he was parking his vehicle at the station reserved for goods transport cars located in Had Soualem in the province of Berrechid when two young men approached him. to transport, from the region of Ouled Saleh in the province of Nouaceur, building construction materials. The price was set and the car started. As soon as the driver arrived at a dark place where there was no one, the two young men beat him up and threw him out of the vehicle, then one of them got behind the wheel and drove off. speeding.

The sleuths of the royal gendarmerie immediately began an investigation. They moved first to the station reserved for freight cars. Examination of the surveillance cameras installed on the premises enabled the investigators to notice three robbers and not two as the complainant had specified. Indeed, the third person was an intermediary who introduced them to the victim. Arrested, the latter led the sleuths to the city of El Jadida to the two young men who assaulted the victim. They all went to a depot. The investigators discovered ten cars there, including that of the plaintiff, which had not yet been dismantled, while fourteen others had already been.

The three suspects were kept in pre-trial detention while the investigation is still underway to clarify the whole affair and identify the people involved in these thefts.

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