O’DASSIA, an example of success in sustainable development

Known for its commitment to ecology, O’DASSIA is currently the only manufacturer in the sector to exclusively produce ecological water-based and odorless paints. Indeed, and in the image of what is widespread in European countries, the company has prohibited itself, since its creation in 2006, from manufacturing or marketing paints that are dangerous to health or the environment.

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Thanks to the expertise of its R&D team, O’DASSIA has been able to take advantage of the development of green chemistry and succeeded in formulating high-performance paints that respect people and their environment while being economically advantageous. Which earned him to be the first paint manufacturer in Morocco to obtain the European Ecolabel. As such, its Technical Director, Mr. Boumahdi, confides to us “we are happy to hold this label since 2013 and proud to offer users paints that are real ramparts against chronic diseases caused by solvent-based paints”.

R&D at the service of comfort and energy efficiency

Reducing Morocco’s carbon footprint largely involves optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings. Buildings in Morocco are veritable thermal “strainers” and energy losses are skyrocketing.

After several months of research, O’DASSIA launches products intended to improve thermal comfort and reduce energy loss.

These coatings tested and approved by specialized independent laboratories are ecological, easy to implement and will be offered at prices in line with the expectations of the Moroccan market.

O’DASSIA confirms its commitment to ecology by reducing the carbon footprint of its factory by 60%

On a daily basis, O’DASSIA strives to reduce its carbon footprint, from the choice of its raw materials to the recycling of its waste, including the manufacture, packaging, distribution and use of its coatings.

As such, and to replace the water treatment station initially installed, the company invested in 2018 in a new, more efficient wastewater treatment plant to dedicate, in complete safety, the water resulting from this treatment, to watering and cleaning work.

Aware of the need to reduce its carbon footprint, the O’DASSIA company acquired, as part of the MorSEFF plan in 2021, a solar-powered photovoltaic station.

This investment supported by the EBRD has enabled O’DASSIA since last year to reduce its fossil energy consumption by 60%. This consumption was supported by clean and renewable solar energy. This investment also corresponds to a reduction in its CO2 emissions of 85 tonnes per year.

In this perspective, the company plans for 2024, the extension of the current photovoltaic station to ensure 100% energy autonomy.

Moreover, and in close collaboration with the Ibn Al Baytar Association, the O’DASSIA company has been committed for several years to planting between 4,000 and 6,000 fruit trees every year for the benefit of needy families.

The objective of this action is to allow farmers to acquire their autonomy and to be able to live from their profession in all dignity.

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