Omicron: A peak expected during the week of January 17 to 23

Omicron: A peak expected during the week of January 17 to 23

The new wave, faster and shorter than Delta, is expected to last 11 weeks in Morocco

Morocco has entered a third wave of community transmission (TC) for two weeks already. In a post on the social network LinkedIn, Dr Mouad Merabet, coordinator of the National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations at the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, carried out an analysis of the epidemiological situation of the infection. SARS-CoV-2 as of December 26. “After an analysis of the indicators, we can conclude that wave III started the week of December 13-19, 2021 and was confirmed the week of December 20-26,” says Dr Merabet. Thus, the data of the past week does indeed confirm this 3rd wave of TC. According to him, the number of cases saw the largest weekly change, almost 150% from the week of December 13 to 19. The reproduction rate of the virus is 1.42.

The weekly positivity rate increased to 3.1%. “The number of serious cases has also increased although the weekly incidence of serious Covidosis remains low <1 / 100,000 Hts", he specifies. Two variants are currently in circulation: Delta and Omicron and the latter is likely to gain the upper hand. Regarding forecasts, this specialist said: "According to our approach in field epidemiology based on experiences and observations in the field, the current wave will probably be faster and shorter than the Delta wave with a probable duration of 11 weeks. and a peak probably during the week of January 17 to 23, 2022 or a week before or after, difficult to predict, everything will depend on the degree of adherence of the population to preventive measures and the measures that will be put in place by the government ”.

Dr Merabet deplores the rise in Covid cases, noting that “we missed 6 weeks of the inter-wave period to strengthen our immunity through vaccination. We have also given every possible facility to this miserable virus to spread through the total lifting of all barriers (mask, distance, hygiene) ”. In order to reduce the severity and mortality of this new wave, Dr Merabet calls on citizens to respect barrier measures to help reduce the spread of the virus and thus reduce the likelihood of it happening to subjects at risk of complications or deaths. The latter recalls the importance of vaccination against the Omicron variant. “We need to increase our immunity through vaccination (never too late) to significantly reduce the risk of severe Covidosis,” he says. Finally, citizens must absolutely respect the therapeutic protocol. “Please stop talking about the flu, the cold, the wind … think first of all about Covid-19, test yourself, take the full treatment, notify your contacts if you are positive: citizen isolation for 10 days (go out knowing that we are sick contaminating is a betrayal to our families, our friends, our relatives, our loved ones and our Morocco).

Do not forget also to consult urgently the hospital if a sign of deterioration of the state of health appears ”, he concludes. As a reminder, Morocco recorded 532 cases on Sunday against 734 on Saturday and 654 cases on Friday. There are 3,586 active cases, while severe or critical cases reached 12 in 24 hours, bringing their total to 110. As for the occupancy rate of intensive care beds, it stands at 2.1%. In its daily bulletin on the epidemiological situation, the ministry noted that the number of first-time vaccines reached 24,525,624, that of people who received two doses rose to 22,887,399, while 2,669,249 people had three injections.

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