Omicron may be a booster against Delta, study says, H24info

People infected with the Omicron variant of covid-19 may develop an enhanced neutralizing immunity against the Delta variant, especially after vaccination, a study by South African scientists revealed on Tuesday.

The study developed by scientists at the Durban Institute, which looked at 33 vaccinated and unvaccinated people infected with Omicron, found that people infected with the new variant, especially those who were vaccinated, developed a Reinforced neutralizing immunity against Delta.

“The increased neutralization of Delta in individuals infected with Omicron may lead to a decrease in Delta’s ability to re-infect these individuals,” it says.

The study confirms that the risk of hospitalization and serious illness is reduced in people infected with Omicron compared to Delta, although scientists admit that this is likely due to the high immunity of the population.

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The Omicron variant, first detected last November in South Africa, has since spread around the world.

South Africa is officially the country most affected by the pandemic in Africa. Over the past few days, the country has reported an average of more than 20,000 new infections daily.

To achieve herd immunity in this southern African country, which has a population of nearly 60 million, more than 40 million people must be fully immunized.

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