On the eve of the Arab League summit, Algeria accumulates disagreements with Egypt

Kiosk360. Almost guaranteed to host the next Arab League summit, Algeria is still not out of the rut. His stubbornness to organize an inter-Palestinian “mini-summit” before the Arab summit irritates, among other disagreements, Egypt, a pivotal state of the Arab League which can, on its own, defeat the Algiers summit.

According to the London media Al Araby Al Jadeed, in an article published on Wednesday, September 21, many Egyptian diplomatic voices within the Arab League are once again raised to discuss the multiple disagreements, relating to many regional issues, which still poison relations between Algeria and Cairo. Unsettled, these files of discord risk compromising the holding of the Arab League summit scheduled for November 1 in Algiers.

Egyptian diplomats especially recall that the Algerian President, Abdelamdjid Tebboune, had declared, during his last meeting, on July 31, with two journalists from the Algerian state media, that the Palestinian factions were going to meet in Algiers before the Arab summit. During this outing, the Algerian president used many angry expressions. He thus implied that Algeria has the “credibility it takes to achieve reconciliation between enemy Palestinian factions”.

According to a senior diplomat within the Arab League, this declaration was badly received by Cairo, which sees in it a discrediting of its role in Palestine, especially since Tebboune continued on his path by alleging that Algeria is “the only country that does not have narrow calculations and ulterior motives” in the Palestinian dossier.

These grave insults hurled at Egyptian diplomacy, while also disregarding Arab coordination and all previous Arab League initiatives, have not gone unnoticed. By rowing against the tide of the collective Arab dynamic and by trying to go it alone on the Palestinian file, the Algerian regime has complicated the task of the Arab summit where it nevertheless expects the presence of a maximum of Arab heads of state from weight.

Although it has already failed to reconcile the points of view of the Palestinian factions, the irremovable senile military-political regime has chosen the rush forward as a maneuver to fuel its propaganda aimed in vain at rallying a local opinion which is mainly in favor of it. refractory.

However, the Palestinians themselves do not want to be fooled by the nonsense of the Algerian regime and openly recognize that no country can replace Egypt, which remains in their eyes the only valid interlocutor not only to settle disputes between the Palestinian factions, but also between them and the Israeli authorities.

In an interview given last Tuesday to the site Al Araby Al Jaddedthe Palestinian Mohamed El Hindi, senior official of the Islamic Jihad, affirmed that Egypt held the exclusivity of the management of the inter-Palestinian and Israeli-Palestinian tensions, in particular in Gaza.

These Algerian claims to be able to bury the hatchet between the Palestinian factions are not the only reason for the constant deterioration of Algerian-Egyptian relations. Algerian diplomacy has recently interfered in many regional issues affecting the vital interests of Egypt. This is the case of the support given openly to Ethiopia in its standoff with Cairo concerning the Renaissance dam and the sharing of the waters of the Nile. Algeria, which first presented itself as a supposed mediator in this case, ended up leaning on the side of Addis Ababa, to the great displeasure of Egypt.

On the Libyan file, the two countries are also poles apart. The episode of the recent withdrawal of the Egyptian delegation from the meeting of the Council of the Arab League to protest against the presidency of this meeting by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the government of Tripoli, supported by Algiers, is a demonstration of this. This suggests that if the head of the Libyan government of national unity, Abdelhamid Dbeibeh, is invited to the Arab summit in Algiers, the Egyptian delegation may slam the door of the summit, because they do not recognize any legitimacy in the government of Tripoli. .

Similarly, and while it was forced to sacrifice its Syrian ally, a sine qua non condition imposed by several Arab countries for the holding of the Arab summit in Algiers, the Algerian regime nevertheless continues to cling to the Algiers-Damascus-Tehran axis by displaying its support for a rapid return of Syria to the Arab League. A verbal exchange of arms would even have taken place on this file between the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and some of his Arab counterparts during the last meeting of Arab MAEs held in Cairo on September 6th.

Obviously, the Moroccan Sahara is another point of total divergence between Algeria and Egypt, the latter advocating strict respect for “the territorial integrity of the Arab States” and supporting the Moroccanness of the Sahara.

It is above all this unequivocal positioning of the first African military power and the third largest economic power on the continent behind Nigeria and South Africa, also a powerful member of the Arab League whose headquarters it hosts and monopolizes the general secretariat, which makes that Egypt, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, created in Algeria a complex of dwarfism that the latter seeks to curb through delusions of grandeur.

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