Oujda, a pole of the automotive industry in perspective

Oujda, a pole of the automotive industry in perspective

With an investment of nearly 400 million dirhams

The signing in September 2021 of the agreement relating to the installation in Oujda of the multinational equipment manufacturer group Aptiv is a milestone for the industrial and economic landscape of the capital of the Oriental region, and brings great opportunities for the entire region. . This is indeed the first major investment of this kind led by a multinational group at the regional level, with an investment of nearly 400 million dirhams (MDH) to allow the creation of 3,500 direct jobs. But the importance of this investment also lies in the fact that it relates to the very competitive and structuring sector of the automotive industry, suggesting a future status of automotive industrial pole for the millennial city and the region, which will strengthen the Morocco’s industrial offer in this sector, already flourishing in the cities of Casablanca, Tangier and Kenitra. The new industrial unit, specializing in automotive wiring, will be created in the industrial acceleration free zone of the Oujda Technopole on an area of ​​8 hectares, as part of a partnership between the Wilaya de l’Oriental, the Council of the Oriental Region (CRO), the Regional Investment Center (IRC) of the Oriental, the company MedZ and Aptiv (formerly Dephi Automotive). The start of work is scheduled for January 2022, for entry into service in June of the same year.

In addition to its importance for the creation of wealth and jobs, in a region particularly affected by unemployment, this investment also augurs a future status of pole of the automotive industry, and industry itself, for the city. Oujda, especially since this next installation is not the result of chance. In addition to the efforts made by the regional authorities, the IRC, the Regional Council and other stakeholders to attract investors for the benefit of this region, this investment is also the result of sustained efforts aimed at the development of logistical and industrial infrastructure, even to build the Oriental into a competitive and attractive economic hub.

With this in mind, the new Nador West Med port, which is due to come into service in the next few years, has completely changed the situation and opened up new prospects for the economic and industrial development of the region, until then considered to be landlocked. and not very competitive. In this regard, the IRC considered that this future “mega-factory” of automotive cables testifies to the great confidence of economic operators in the future and the potential of the Oriental region. Speaking at the signing ceremony of this convention, the wali of the Oriental region, governor of the prefecture of Oujda-Angad, Mouad El Jamai, highlighted the importance of this project for the city of Oujda and the entire Oriental region, whether in view of the industrial sector concerned or the scale of the investment in terms of job creation.

This project is likely to encourage other national and international investors to settle in the region, especially in this high added value sector, he noted, emphasizing the expected effect of the port of Nador. West Med, which will improve the attractiveness of the Oriental, attract more investment and help fight unemployment.

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