Parliament: Abdelouafi Laftit presents the bill on the possession of firearms

VideoThe Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, presented this Thursday, September 22, 2022, before the parliamentary interior committee, bill 86.21 relating to the possession of firearms in the civilian environment.

The presentation of this bill took place in the presence in particular of the chairman of the Interior Committee of the House of Representatives, Hicham El Mhajri (PAM), and several deputies representing the various groups.

Bill 86.21 presented deals with firearms, their components, their uses and their ammunition, said the head of the parliamentary interior committee in a statement for Le360.

This text, he said, is made up of 108 articles, the first of which identifies “hunting rifles, sports shooting A and B, defensive handguns, traditional rifles, air guns, starter pistols.

Hicham El Lamhajri made a point of specifying that the provisions of this bill do not apply to the departments in charge of “national security”, these “always remain subject to their own regulations” (army, gendarmerie, police).

The law also does not apply to bodies of personnel who “bear arms (such as auxiliary forces, customs, forest guards, prison guards…)”.

Bill delivers in his 3e provision a precise definition on the nature of a firearm: “compound weapon, parts and components”. The text also defines the aspects of the marketing, import, entry into Morocco or exit of firearms as well as the issuance of authorizations to use firearms.

To obtain authorization (article 4) to market firearms, the applicant “must be of Moroccan nationality, have a suitable and safe place of detention, be of legal age, enjoy his national and civic rights and deliver a criminal record virgin with no criminal record”. The applicant must also pay “a financial guarantee, the amount of which remains to be defined”.

As for the merchant wholesaler of firearms, he is authorized under this bill to “own several storage warehouses”. The text also prohibits the import, marketing of any type of weapons made “partially or entirely in polymer or weapons manufactured in the form of 3D pressure as well as the marketing of weapons rendered harmless”.

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