Report on the situation of prisons in Morocco. A light of hope in a dark corner

A little light in a dark corner, that of prisons, where human beings are exposed to despair, where human dignity is exposed to the risk of violation.

The latest report on prisons in Morocco, drawn up by the Center d’Etudes des Droits Humains et Démocratie (CEDHD) and the Center for Governance of the Security Sector, in Geneva (DCAF), in collaboration with the General Delegation for The Prison and Reintegration Administration (DGAPR) is fully in line with this perspective.

This “tripartite collaboration” is also part of a cooperation program that began four years ago, through workshops, training sessions for prison staff and field visits to better support the opening. of the DGAPR on its environment and on national and international observation mechanisms.

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This is a human rights-based approach making it possible to assess the public policies implemented in the penitentiary field, and therefore to identify the achievements and achievements, but also the dysfunctions and shortcomings. This approach is intended to be comprehensive, critical and constructive, with a view to making a qualitative contribution to the treatment of the prison situation, in particular through advocacy before official, executive, legislative or judicial bodies, and before international cooperation institutions.

Thus, the report aims to assess the progress and / or regressions of the penitentiary sector, in prison reality, over the past five years. It is broken down into five chapters dealing with international standards, Morocco’s commitments in the field of human rights, the provisions of the Moroccan Constitution, national laws as a basis and practical reality to assess the concrete application of the theoretical device put in place. place, in terms of performance, with an international perspective based on the observations of UN bodies and Moroccan institutions and organizations.

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The 280-page report results in proposals and recommendations intended to promote the penitentiary system in Morocco, within the framework of an integrated public policy. It is the fruit of collective and multidisciplinary work, involving Moroccan and international experts. The common and ultimate objective is to really contribute to a process of qualitative, moral and material improvement of the conditions of detention and to make the penitentiary space a space of hope and effective social reintegration.

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