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The digital services package of the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA) is enriched with a new platform called “Road Offenses” which allows you to view and track traffic violations via the website “infractionsroutieres” from Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

In a press release, NARSA indicates that this new platform, which is part of the continued improvement of services to users, allows all Moroccan citizens, foreign residents in Morocco as well as foreign tourists driving a vehicle registered in Morocco, a quick and easy consultation of any offenses committed.

This platform also allows drivers to benefit from a set of secure and personalized services, namely the consultation of the balance of driving license points (for Moroccan driving license holders) and the list of traffic violations recorded by automated radars as well as those recorded by the Royal Gendarmerie and the National Security.

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It also allows the visualization of the notice of the fine as well as the photo recorded by automated radar, the consultation of the state of the offense (paid fine or not, PV transmitted to the court, judgment pronounced or not) in addition to the payment electronic fines relating to offenses recorded by automated speed cameras, explains the press release.

In addition, “Traffic offenses” allows you to consult the guide to traffic offenses highlighting the different classes of offences, the number of points to be deducted from the driving license according to the nature of the offence, the amount of fines, time limits and methods of payment, the procedure for recovering points, the procedure for declaring the driver responsible for the offense and the complaint procedure. It also allows you to contact NARSA for any information concerning the use of the platform.

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