Sahara: Morocco changes strategy

Aziz Akhannouch’s intervention on the issue, before the UN, has far from gone unnoticed. It is the prelude to a new process that is being prepared over low heat.

In the intervention of the Head of Government on Tuesday before the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations, there is a passage which particularly attracted the attention of observers and undoubtedly of the international community. Of course, Aziz Akhannouch reiterated Morocco’s commitment to reach a definitive political settlement to the conflict around the Sahara, based on the autonomy plan, the appeal to Algeria launched by the Security Council since 2011 for the census and registration of the population of the Tindouf camps. But it is above all the part where the Head of Government affirms that Algeria “has ceded its powers over this part of its territory to armed separatist militias with proven and confirmed links with dangerous terrorist networks in the Sahel region” which challenged observers and analysts. According to them, that Morocco is now talking, before the UN, of the Polisario as an armed militia is a prelude to a process of classifying the Front, or at least for the moment its armed wing, as a terrorist organization. . The intention is there, all that remains is its implementation. When ? According to several…

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