signing of an agreement for the training of 300 imams, morchidines and morchidates

VSand agreement aims to train a total of 300 imams, morchidines and morchidates within the Mohammed VI Institute for the training of imams, morchidines and morchidates, divided into five groups of 60 beneficiaries each. Under this memorandum of understanding, a two-year training session will be provided for each group and accommodation will be provided by the Moroccan party.

This memorandum of understanding tends to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between the two peoples and to consolidate the values ​​of cooperation between the two parties in matters of Islamic affairs, taking into account the fundamental role of the training of imams in the promotion of the values ​​of moderation and tolerance.

Speaking on this occasion, Ahmed Toufiq noted that this agreement will allow Morocco and Mali to initiate a new stage of cooperation.

“Mali was the first country to benefit from the training of imams, morchidines and morchidates”said the Minister, recalling the agreement signed in Bamako in 2013 between Morocco and Mali for the training of 500 Malian imams.

The training of imams, he continued, has as its main objectives the preservation of common religious fundamentals, namely the Maliki rite and the Ashaarite dogma as well as openness to the authentic spirituality of Islam.

To this end, the Minister highlighted the need for a good mastery of religious precepts, with a view to “to protect the faithful against all disturbances and external interventions aimed at sowing disorder” and guide them towards the good practice of religion.

Graduates of the Mohammed VI Institute will in turn become trainers and supervisors of imams, hence the importance of the proper study of religion, insisted Ahmed Toufiq.

For his part, Mahamadou Koné wished to express his deep gratitude and sincere thanks to King Mohammed VI, for his constant and sustained efforts for the benefit of the Malian people.

The Malian minister also welcomed the signing of this memorandum of understanding which, he underlined, illustrates the solid fraternal relations of cooperation linking the two peoples and the two countries.

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