Singing concert of the Tarab Gharnati Ensemble in Rabat

Singing concert of the Tarab Gharnati Ensemble in Rabat

The Villa des Arts in Rabat will host, on Friday, September 16, 2022, a singing concert by the Tarab Gharnati Ensemble of Rabat with Master Ahmed Piro as guest of honor, under the direction of Amine Debbi and the diva Bahaa Ronda.

It must be said that Arab-Andalusian music finds its finest tunes in the tarab gharnati. Evoking the Gharnatie school of Rabat leads to paying homage to the artistic work accomplished by emblematic figures such as Ahmed Bennani, Hussein Belmekki and particularly to the great master Ahmed Piro. This honorable and exceptional artist trained with tenors before becoming himself a grand master of this ancestral art by perpetuating the Gharnatie School of Rabat. Aware of the scope of his action, he continues to train and promote artists driven by passion. Thus, the public had the opportunity to discover at his side a diligent disciple following scrupulously in the footsteps of his master. This is Bahaa Ronda which, with its style, continues a tradition anchored forever. The members of the Amine Debbi orchestra are all also students of the Piro school. They became interested in Arab-Andalusian music, notably the gharnati, thanks to the family circle and to the master Ahmed Piro.

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