Social aid, RSU, the Interior pulls out all the stops

Rbehind the facade of an imposing and serene-looking building, the former residence of Marshal Lyautey, the excitement is at its height. We are at the Ministry of the Interior where one of the most Homeric projects in the recent history of the kingdom is being prepared.

The senior civil servants who carry out the project twirl between ultra-modern offices, which contrast with the outdated style of the place, and a digital factory recently installed in the heart of this department which is called “the mother of ministries”.

It’s an emergency. The King, in his Throne Day speech on July 31, recalled him in laconic terms: “We are determined to implement the plan for the gradual generalization of family allowances in accordance with the agreed schedule.”. To this end, Mohammed VI calls for “the diligent operationalization of the Unified Social Registry, considered the main mechanism for granting effective support”.

Following in the footsteps of the sovereign, the Head of Government in turn puts the pressure on. Returning from the summer break, on August 24, Aziz Akhannouch brought together a group of ministers to agree with the royal directive. He called “all stakeholders in a massive mobilization for the implementation of the RSU project”calling the device “important practical step to improve the efficiency of social programs”.

The ambition of the RSU is immense. Successfully completed, the system will put an end to the disorganization that characterizes the mille-feuille of social programs in force (INDH, Daam, Tayssir, etc.) that the State, for lack of an efficient technical instrument, is unable to rationalize .

This shows the pressure on the teams of Abdelouafi Laftit. Aware of the expectations surrounding this extremely important dossier, the Minister of the Interior has made it a top priority. Already at the stage of the final adjustments of the project, the Laftit teams, at the cost of exceptional mobilization, pressed the accelerator in the final stretch. They can now deliver their copy.

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