Social dialogue: a 2nd round focused on the revision of income tax, pension reform and labor legislation

The second round of social dialogue, which began on Wednesday at the invitation of the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, was an opportunity for the Executive to discuss with the trade union centers several topical issues, including the revision of the income tax, the reform of pension schemes and the review of a set of labor laws.

As part of the extension of the April 30 agreement, this round also made it possible to take stock of the achievements within the framework of this agreement, by proceeding in particular from the current month of September, to the implementation of the results of the social dialogue, through the immediate increase of 5% of the SMIG in the sectors of industry, commerce and the liberal professions, and of 10% of the SMAG in the agricultural sector. In addition, this new round was an opportunity for the trade union centers to raise several topical issues with the government, including the revision of the income tax system, the reform of pension systems and the review of a set of labor laws.

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Discussions focused on the need to reduce taxes, following the weakening of purchasing power due to rising prices and the global economy, as well as on bills relating to the right to strike and the question of retirement.

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It should be noted that during this 2nd round, it was also agreed to develop a common vision for the establishment of the National Observatory of Social Dialogue and the Academy of Training in the field of work, employment and social climate, as support mechanisms for the institutionalization of social dialogue.

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