Spanish police used “proportionate” force (Grande-Marlaska), H24info

Spain’s Interior Minister said on Wednesday that Spanish police used “proportionate” force in an attempt by nearly 2,000 migrants to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla which left at least 23 people dead. June.

“The action of the Civil Guard, with the support of the National Police, blocked the entry into Spanish territory of the majority of people and made it possible to contain the violent attitude of the assailants thanks to the employment – and I have to say it clearly — timely and proportionate to the material at their disposal,” Fernando Grande-Marlaska told the Chamber of Deputies.

Called to give explanations on this tragedy for months by several parliamentary groups, the minister spoke for the first time before the deputies on this subject.

The state had to provide a “firm response” to the “unjustifiable violence” of “1,700” migrants who tried to enter by force into this small landlocked Spanish territory on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, he added. .

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH), the main independent association for the defense of human rights in Morocco, castigated in July “the massive use of tear gas” by Moroccan and Spanish police officers, at a time when the migrants, mostly Sudanese, were trying to enter a cramped and closed border post or to climb a metal fence topped with barbed wire.

Videos that have gone viral on social networks have also shown migrants lying on the ground being beaten by Moroccan agents.

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This tragedy in Melilla sparked international outrage, with the UN and the African Union (AU) denouncing “excessive use of force”.

According to the Moroccan authorities, 23 migrants died as a result of pushing and falling during this mass entry attempt. For its part, the AMDH evokes a balance sheet of 27 dead.

This human toll is the heaviest ever recorded during the numerous attempts by migrants to enter Melilla and the neighboring Spanish enclave of Ceuta, which constitute the European Union’s only land borders with the African continent.

Three radical left MEPs, who wanted to enter Morocco from Melilla to meet with NGOs and “shed light on what happened” on June 24 in Melilla, were unable to enter Moroccan territory on Tuesday, said Wednesday on Twitter one of them, the Spaniard Miguel Urban Crespo. Information that could not be confirmed on the Moroccan side.

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