“Starlight”: A new program to discover talent

It will be broadcast on the 2M channel from October 25

The second channel 2M is preparing to broadcast a new program called “Starlight”. It is a new generation musical talent-show produced by the channel and hosted by Hicham Mesrar. The show will be broadcast from October 25, 2022, every Tuesday in prime time. It will be scheduled over 9 consecutive weeks until the grand finale on December 20. According to the initiators, it will allow young artists from all over Morocco to literally move “from shadow to light” thanks to the vote of a jury of stars, representative of different generations and musical styles. “With Starlight, 2M returns to a television genre that has always been part of its DNA, the musical talent show. Today, our country is full of young artistic talents just waiting to emerge. The role of this new show is to shed light on the future stars of song in Morocco,” says Salim Cheikh, CEO of Soread-2M. And to add: “This program aims to promote Moroccan culture and art and to contribute to the discovery of young talents in all fields”.

48 young people perform on stage
“Starlight” is a new and innovative concept. The first casting gathered no less than 3,000 applications. All evaluated by a professional casting team under the direction of a reference of the artistic scene, Nabil Khaldi. Handpicked from among the thousands of participants, 48 ​​young singing talents will have the chance to perform on stage. They will be evaluated by a professional jury. Moreover, it is made up of stars Latifa Raafat, Asmaa Lmnawar, Nouamane Lahlou, Douzi and Aminux. Three professional coaches are also assigned to accompany and improve the vocal and stage performances of the candidates. They are Sanaa Marahati, Lamia Zaidi and Diae Ettayebi. The candidates will be accompanied by an orchestra made up of the best Moroccan musicians under the direction of Rachid Mohamed Ali, musical director of the show.

Note that the show is produced in the famous 1200 studio of 2M. It mobilizes the best internal skills of 2M in all areas. “This project is a new opportunity for 2M teams in the areas of programs, production, post-production, light, computing, image and sound to demonstrate their ability to manufacture shows at international standards”, we say.

The program was developed with the Wemake company founded by Bouchra Rejani, a Moroccan from France. This is the first time that an international format has been launched as a world premiere in Morocco with the ambition of subsequently being exported beyond our borders. “As a Franco-Moroccan, I have always dreamed of returning to my family’s homeland with a strong and ambitious concept and with the bet that this concept would first be produced in Morocco to international standards before be exported internationally. And not the reverse. The international market has evolved and successes are emerging everywhere: from Asia, Turkey, Spain… So why not from here, in Morocco, with our local talents?” testifies Bouchra Rejani.

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