Talbi Alami meets in Rabat with the Vice-President of the French National Assembly

LA French official led a delegation visiting Morocco to take part in the launching ceremony of an institutional twinning program scheduled for Friday between the first chamber, the French National Assembly, the Belgian Chamber of Representatives and the Czech Chamber of Representatives.

The French delegation includes Mireille Clapot, Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, MP Karim Bencheikh, Jean-Luc Lala, Director of European, International and Defense Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Leclère, Head of the Cooperation and bilateral relations and Pierre-Nicolas Guesdon, responsible for the twinning project at the National Assembly, indicates a press release from the House of Representatives.

During this interview, Rabault affirmed that this visit is “a consecration of the depth of parliamentary friendship relations between Morocco and France”noting that “the programs, conventions and joint projects between the French Chamber of Representatives and the French National Assembly will enable better communication and reciprocal benefit from accumulated expertise and experience”which is, in his view, one of the fundamentals of parliamentary diplomacy.

This new institutional twinning between Morocco and the European Union (EU) bringing together the French, Czech and Belgian parliaments with the support of the legislative institutions of four EU member countries (Italy, Greece, Portugal and Hungary), was moreover one of the main themes raised during this interview, notes the press release.

The project will make it possible to produce practical guides, studies, action plans and also to organize training, dialogue and exchange workshops within the framework of small groups, in addition to the possibility of carrying out visits and study missions defined in the twinning charter for Moroccan deputies and their counterparts in the twinned parliaments within the EU as well as the strengthening of parliamentary cooperation relations or the maintenance of a permanent dialogue.

This new twinning agreement is the extension of another between the House of Representatives and other European parliaments during the period 2016-2018, the same source points out.

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