Taza. Almond cultivation generated 650 million DH per year, H24info

The annual turnover generated by the almond sector in the province of Taza is around 650 million dirhams, according to the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture (DPA) of Taza.

The sector also allows the creation of 400,000 working days, the equivalent of 2,000 fixed jobs, specifies the same source.

In order to enhance and integrate all the links in the production chain from upstream to downstream, the DPA of Taza has financed the construction and equipment of two almond crushing units with a capacity of 3 tonnes per day each, the first unit is located at the circle of Aknoul (Tighzratine) and the second at the level of the circle of Taza (Ras El Maa).

Two other units of the same capacity are under construction at the level of the local authorities of Aknoul and Ajdir.

Regarding the planned projects, the same source reports the construction of four almond marketing spaces (RAHBAS), including two at the level of the Tainaste circle (Msila and Brarha) and two others at the level of the Aknoul circle (Aknoul and Ajdir) as part of the Integrated Rural Development project in mountain areas of the Périf de Taza.

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Almond cultivation in the province of Taza is characterized by variable yields from one season to another. The average yield of shelled almonds recorded in the province varies from 0.4 T / ha to 0.5 T / ha, or 2 to 2.5 T / ha for the yield with shell.

The productive area is around 26,000 hectares. The average annual production is around 52,000 tonnes of shelled almonds, or 10,400 tonnes of shelled almonds.

The almond sector in the province of Taza includes several varieties, including Marcona (15%), Fournat (10%), Desmayo (6%), Ferragnés (25%), Ferraduel (25%) %), Tuono (5%), Nec plus ultra (2%), Abiod (2%), as well as other varieties grown from seed (10%).

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