The ADA launches a call for tenders for the long-term rental of 26 agricultural plots

The ADA launches a call for tenders for the long-term rental of 26 agricultural plots

Modern agricultural perimeter of Jraifia

The Agricultural Development Agency (ADA) is launching a public-private partnership tender around state land for the development of the modern agricultural perimeter of Jraifia in the province of Boujdour.
In detail, this project is part of the new development model for the southern provinces launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Green March in Laâyoune and which concerns in particular the development of nearly 1,000 ha for the development of the market gardening and dairy sectors in the rural town of Jraifia, about 160 km south-east of Boujdour.

The project is now progressing at a steady pace. In this sense, a call for tenders was recently launched by the ADA after approval by the Inter-Ministerial Technical Commission for the PPP around State agricultural land. The call for tenders concerns the long-term rental of 26 agricultural plots totaling 224 ha, including 22 small plots of 5 ha intended for young people in the region and 4 medium-sized plots of between 20 and 34 ha each.
According to the ADA, “this project will allow the production of 9,500 t of market gardening annually, 3,100 t of fodder crops, the achievement of a turnover of more than 51 million DH/year, an annual added value of 36 million DH and the creation of more than 84 thousand days of work per year”.
The project will promote the rationalization of the use of groundwater resources and the sustainability of production systems, as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship and youth employment.

The rate of progress of the works of the first phase of the structuring hydro-agricultural development project reached 100%, and which focused on the drilling works, construction of the pumping station, irrigation canals and water storage and treatment works, as well as work to equip farms with irrigation tools.
It should be noted that the creation and development of this perimeter is part of the Jraifia hydro-agricultural development project, which involves the construction and equipment of a groundwater demineralization unit. brackish water with a capacity of 105 l/s, the installation of cooling and storage basins for irrigation water, as well as the digging and equipping of 8 boreholes.

This project mainly aims to enhance irrigation water, create new job opportunities during the transformation and operation of the irrigated perimeter and increase farmers’ incomes. This project, which takes into account the conditions of sustainable development, concerns the introduction of a new series of products in the Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra region, including market gardening and fodder crops for the benefit of breeders.

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