The Dar Niaba museum opens its doors on September 26 in Tangier

The Dar Niaba museum opens its doors on September 26 in Tangier

It will allow visitors to discover the diplomatic history of Morocco

In the pursuit of museum development in Morocco, the city of Tangier is enriched with a 4th museum space. After the Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures opened in 2017, Villa Harris – Museum of Tangier in 2021, the Kasbah-contemporary art space in 2021, the Dar Niaba Museum opens its doors on September 26, 2022, announces the National Foundation of museums (FNM).
Multicultural space and place of life, the Dar Niaba museum, according to the same source, will allow visitors to discover an important part of the diplomatic history of Morocco and the memory of the city of the strait since the 18th century. “Documents and objects testifying to historical facts that have occurred in Tangier since the time of Sultan Moulay Slimane are on display there,” explains the FNM. And to add: “The proposed museum collection consecrates the role of Tangier as an emblematic space for encounters and exchanges, in the image of the Kingdom. The light and the colorful atmosphere of Tangier and Morocco have nourished several artists whose works are presented to the public”.
Located at the crossroads of interreligious dialogue and tolerance by its geographical location, Dar Niaba is opposite the Assayag Synagogue, backed by the J. Serrano Church and near the “Bait Yahuda” Judaism Museum.
It should be noted that this space is a former diplomatic building, having housed the representative of the French legation in the 19th century and saw Eugène Delacroix pass by. It was created to contain foreign penetration into Morocco. He will act as an intermediary between the Moroccan State and the diplomatic corps by receiving requests from legations and consulates and by transmitting official diplomatic communications to them. It is the first seat of the management of Moroccan foreign affairs to house a “Naîb”, representing the Cherifian authority. This opening contributes, according to the foundation, to the enrichment of the cultural offer and the tourist development of the city of Tangier, formerly “diplomatic capital” and “international city”.

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