The energy transition at the heart of the priorities of chemical and parachemical manufacturers

VideoProfessionals from the chemical and parachemical industry met yesterday, Wednesday, September 21 in Casablanca, to discuss the importance of accelerating the use of renewable energies in industrial units, in order to meet new climate challenges.

The role of the chemical industry in the national energy transition was at the heart of a debate yesterday, Wednesday September 21 in Casablanca, during a meeting organized by the Federation of Chemistry and Parachemistry (FCP) .

“We organized this meeting to discuss the use of renewable energies in industrial units. We presented real and concrete cases of achievements made within large Moroccan industrial units for several types of renewable energies, whether hydrogen, wind or solar. The objective is to show that it is feasible, and to inspire other industries to favor the use of renewable energies”, indicates, questioned by Le360, Abed Chagar, president of the FCP.

Participating in this event, Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Trade and Industry, highlighted the progress made by the chemical and parachemical sector, once a major polluter, but which is succeeding in meeting the requirements posed by the changes climatic.

“The chemical and parachemical sector is an extremely important and central sector at the level of the national industrial platform, which has made significant progress in respecting very strict environmental standards. Today, we are working with professionals in the sector to make our country’s energy transition a success, which is not only a royal will, but a real competitive advantage for the sector,” he explained.

Saïd Mouline, the general manager of the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE), who was also present at this meeting, presented the work carried out by the agency he has directed, since its creation, in the development energy efficiency in industry. Above all, the CEO of the AMEE highlighted the financial and technical support systems made available to the promoters of energy transition projects.

This meeting was also the occasion to announce a new green hydrogen production project, concluded thanks to a partnership between Maghreb Steel and Air Liquide, a major operator in the installation of electrolyzers.

Today, the chemical and para-chemical industries sector is the leading industrial sector in terms of production and investment in Morocco. Bringing together nearly 1,600 companies, mostly SMEs, and representing nearly 16% of Moroccan industrial production, the sector currently employs more than 60,000 people. More than 11 billion dirhams have been invested there, and for more than 74 billion dirhams in 2021 of its production has been exported.

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