The Interior says no to the change of name of the Souss-Massa region

In a written question addressed to the Minister of the Interior, a member of the PJD (opposition) had asked to change the name of the Souss-Massa region to Agadir-Souss. A request which was rejected by the department of Abdelouafi Laftit.

Several deputies and civil society actors had asked the Ministry of the Interior to change the name of the Souss-Massa region to Agadir-Souss-Massa. In a written question addressed to Abdelouafi Laftit, MP Naima Fathaoui, elected from the Justice and Development Party (PJD), reiterated this request, putting forward several arguments.

“When the regions of Morocco were named in Decree No. 2.15.40 of February 20, 2015, specifying the number of regions, their names and capitals, three regions were excluded from including the names of their administrative capitals, including the region of Souss-Massa”, points out the deputy, according to which “this distinction in the criteria for choosing the names of regions negatively affects the influence of the city of Agadir, one of the most important cities in the Kingdom , and the main city of the Souss-Massa region”.

For the elected member of the PJD, the opposition party, the current name of the region “is confusing” especially for international tourists, given that the name “Souss” is present in other regions of the world. “This confusion occurs in particular during searches on search engines, because this entry refers to several sites in other countries”, explains Naima Fathaoui.

According to the elected official, it is therefore important to remedy this problem, “in order to ensure global competition for tourist attraction” and “to highlight the city as an economic and development center linking the north and the south of the Kingdom”. The MP therefore suggested to the Minister of the Interior to change the name of the Region “Souss-Massa” to “Agadir-Souss”.

The Niet of the Interior

The arguments of the deputy did not seem to convince the Minister of the Interior, who opposed this request to an end of inadmissibility. In his response, Abdelouafi Laftit indeed underlined that “the names of the regions of the Kingdom had been attributed on the basis of the conclusions and recommendations of the Consultative Commission on Regionalization”, which had held a series of consultations involving representatives of political parties. , elected officials, civil society, as well as researchers and experts in the field, said the Minister in his response.

“Nothing justifies, in the current circumstances, and objectively, to review or change the name of the Souss-Massa region,” concluded Abdelouafi Laftit.

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