The king orders the commissioning of 9 new centers built by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, H24info

King Mohammed VI, President of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, gave his high instructions for the centers built by the Foundation and completed to start their reception and socio-medical care activities for populations from the disadvantaged areas.

This directive comes a few months after the opening in February, on royal instructions, of a first wave of 11 new centers across the national territory, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity said in a statement on Thursday.

This second wave of commissioning concerns 9 new centers, distributed in 9 cities of the Kingdom, namely: Tangier, Oujda, Fez, Jerrada, Salé, Rabat, Temara, Casablanca and Mediouna, specifies the press release.

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They were initiated by the Foundation as part of its programs linked in particular to the strengthening of the public supply of health infrastructures, the socio-educational integration of vulnerable populations and the economic integration of disadvantaged young people through the support for the creation of very small economic activities.

These are mainly projects that fall under three major programs of the Foundation in the field of health and socio-medical care: the large-scale program of local medical centers – Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity ( CMP) launched in 2016, the specialized medical structures program launched in 2016 and the national program to combat addictive behavior launched in 2012.

More specifically, a new CMP will open its doors in Temara (68 million dirhams -MDH), bringing to 5 the number of operational units out of the 12 planned, the same source said.

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As for the program of specialized medical structures, it will be reinforced by a new hemodialysis center (15.5 million dirhams) in Fez as well as a psycho-social rehabilitation center under the University Hospital Center of Ibn Rochd in Casablanca (10, 5 MDH).

With regard to the national program to fight against addictive behavior, this will be reinforced by 2 new units which will start their activity in Kariat Oulad Moussa in Salé (6 MDH), and in Moghogha-Tangier (6.8 MDH), bringing to 14 the number of addictology centers created by the Foundation on the national territory.

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Regarding the other projects, they relate on the one hand to the Foundation’s interventions in the fight against precariousness and on the other hand, to support the economic integration of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through the promotion of entrepreneurship. .

These are respectively the social center for the reception of the elderly (13 MDH) of Lahraouyine in Mediouna, the artistic and cultural center (33 MDH) of Salé in Tabriquet and the women’s qualification center in Jerrada (5.2 MDH), as well as the center of very small solidarity enterprises (24 MDH) of Oujda which reinforces the national platform of these centers, deployed at the level of the cities of Casablanca and Fez.

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