The Media and Communication Commission of the National Amateur Football League holds its first meeting during the new sports season

The Media and Communication Commission of the National Amateur Football League held its first meeting on Monday evening September 19, 2022.
At the beginning of the meeting, all the members were welcomed and thanked for their care of the amateur teams from the communicative and radiological point of view. All also denounced the fierce and unbridled campaign against the President of the League, emphasizing absolute solidarity with him, noting at the same time the efforts of citizen and serious press platforms, after which the assembly addressed two important points. :
Develop the project of the Media and Communication Commission through:
Updated National Football League official website and fan page on social media.
Create a YouTube channel to broadcast games, including dialogue, photos, videos and other topics related to the National League and its affiliated teams.
Publication of a complete annual guide which archives an entire sporting season.
Create a smartphone app that includes all things hobbyist.
Invest in the distinguished relationship between the amateur league and media platforms and capitalize on the gains with new relationships, which will benefit amateur teams in the future with more openness to them, whether electronic, audio, visual or written , as well as activating the partnership with certain media platforms.
Legalization of the transfer of matches in application of the decision of the Amateur Football Association of the National Football League by:
Encourage clubs to create official pages to provide the tracker with official news and transfer matches.
Improve communication between clubs and the media by appointing a media officer for each team.
Work on broadcasting some amateur interviews from the national section on Moroccan television in the future.
At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee thanked all the members for the ideas that were discussed and the decision was taken unanimously. The meeting agreed to hold a meeting during the next week.

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