the Moroccan embassy sets up a monitoring unit, H24info

The Moroccan Embassy in Mexico has set up a communication and follow-up cell for the benefit of members of the Moroccan community in this country following the violent earthquake that shook the west of the Mexico City capital on Monday.

The diplomatic representation of Morocco indicated that no death or injury was reported among Moroccans residing in Mexico following this earthquake. The Moroccan Embassy also affirmed that it is closely following the evolution of the situation in the affected areas, specifying that it is mobilized in coordination with the Mexican authorities to help the members of the Moroccan community.

Two numbers have been made available to Moroccans residing in Mexico to contact the communication unit, the same source said. They are: 00525542551786 and 00525564702448.

Mexican authorities said the earthquake, measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale, claimed the lives of at least two people and caused damage to two hospitals near the epicenter.

The earthquake, which damaged buildings and caused power outages, prompted the population of the capital, which has more than 21.2 million inhabitants, to take to the streets for shelter.

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