the most active network dismantled

Lso-called “Baree” operation made it possible to “dismantle the most active hashish trafficking organization at present, a gang that transported up to 20 tons of drugs from Morocco to the coast of Cadiz in a month”we read in a press release from the Guardia Civil, taken up by the Spanish press agency EFE.

The investigations began in December 2021, when investigators detected that a criminal organization, led by several people with a long history in drug trafficking, was introducing large quantities of hashish along the coast of Cádiz and the Guadalquivir river (a river crossing southern Spain and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Strait of Gibraltar).

Organized crime

To transport their drug shipments, these traffickers used powerful semi-rigid boats, inflatable boats, as well as fishing or pleasure boats, we know.

“They knew the region perfectly and were looking for areas that were very difficult for the authorities and security forces to access and, at the same time, which would offer them an easy escape route”continues the same source.

The organization was “fully structured”, with logistics groups supplying it with boats. And to add: “its members were heavily armed to prevent other organizations from stealing their merchandise which, in the jargon of drug traffickers, is called ‘vuelcos’”.

As part of this security operation, the Guardia Civil carried out 37 searches, under the supervision of the Court of First Instance of Sanlúcar de Barrameda (a town in the region of Cádiz), in the towns of Sanlúcar, Chipiona, Trebujena in Cádiz and in the village of El Rocío in Huelva.

The operation concluded with the arrest of 49 people, the seizure of 14,380 kilos of hashish, short and long firearms, as well as abundant ammunition, police equipment, a boat semi-rigid with three engines, fuel bottles, documents and mobile phones, sums up the Guardia Civil.

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