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CNSS: Certified accounts without reservations, social housing: more than 100,000 units still under construction, ANP: Nearly one billion DH of investments for 2022, Agadir: A first group of five hotels benefits from a subsidy of 32.5 million DH, training of inspectors for the production of vaccines, the insurance sector is back to good growth momentum, rise in the prices of edible oils: the Competition Council issues its opinion, traffic accidents: 23 dead and 2,066 injured last week, the Treasury debt expected to 885 billion dirhams in 2021 (AGR), bottled water: Three brands share the market (study), INCVT: Sekkouri pleads for a healthy working environment, Hassan II University of Casablanca holds a patent for an invention of a robotic system for the extraction of scorpion venom …, here are the main headlines of the national press published this Thursday, December 30, 2021:

The Economist

CNSS: Accounts certified without reservation

The National Social Security Fund (CNSS) has just definitively turned the page on cleaning up the accounts. It succeeded in certifying its 2020 accounts for the general scheme and the compulsory health insurance without reservation from the external auditor. A feat for this establishment, in particular for the general system which, since 1969, had not obtained this type of certification.

Social housing: more than 100,000 units still under construction

Exit the social housing program at 250,000 DH. The system that had been put in place in 2010 to make up for a deficit of 840,000 housing units ended in December 2020. Since the program was operational at the end of last October, 1,507 agreements have been validated for the construction of 2,107,543 housing. The latest statistics obtained from the supervisory authority indicate that at the end of last October, 562,503 housing units were certified as compliant. Currently, the market has more than 100,000 units under construction.

Morocco today

ANP: Nearly one billion DH of investments for 2022

An envelope of 975.5 million dirhams will be mobilized by the National Ports Agency (ANP) as part of its investment program planned for this new fiscal year. Most of this amount will go to infrastructure projects. This component captures 81.7% of the investments programmed for fiscal year 2022, or 782 million dirhams. Support activities come in second with shares of around 9.6%, which corresponds to 90.22 million dirhams.

Agadir: A first group of five hotels receives a subsidy of 32.5 million DH

Five agreements relating to the program for granting grants dedicated to the renovation and upgrading of hotel establishments in Agadir were signed on Tuesday. These are five establishments representing the first batch to benefit from the said program in the tourist seaside area, the city center and the Talborjt district, namely: “Atlantic Palace”, “Sofitel Thalassa”, “Amadil”, “Aferni “And” Amenou “. The overall cost of their renovation and upgrading is estimated at 300 million dirhams (overall amount of investment for the renovation), while the total amount of subsidies granted by the program is 32.5 million dirhams.


Training of controllers for vaccine production

The sharing of knowledge and technologies has emerged as a key element in the fight against Covid. It is in this logic that Morocco and China have, once again, united their efforts in this matter. Currently, a Chinese delegation, made up of specialists and researchers in the field of vaccine manufacturing, is training a group of Moroccan executives in the quality control of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine at the Institut Pasteur in Casablanca. With this mission, the national anti-Covid-19 vaccine production project is entering its home stretch. The institute is responsible for monitoring the entire vaccine production chain in Morocco.

The insurance sector is back to good growth momentum

The insurance sector is regaining good growth momentum and maintaining its solidity despite a context marked by the health crisis, said the Committee for the Coordination and Monitoring of Systemic Risks (CCSRS). Thus, the turnover of the sector recorded, at the end of October 2021, an increase of 9.3% compared to the same period a year earlier, underlined the CCSRS in a press release at the end of its fourteenth meeting held at the headquarters of Bank Al-Maghrib in Rabat. This progression, continues the Committee, benefits both the Life branch (+ 13.5%) and the Non-life branch (+ 6.1%), while the loss experience has also increased to reach its level. pre-crisis.

The morning

Rise in the prices of edible oils: the Competition Council delivers its opinion

The results of the study made it possible to conclude that the increases in the selling prices of table oils recorded on the national market can be explained by the conjunction of objective factors linked to the structure of the market itself and to changes in the foreign market. on which he is dependent. For an improvement of the competitive functioning of the national market for table oils, the Competition Council recommends, in its opinion, to support the upstream sector relating to the local production of oilseeds, to encourage the consumption of oil. olive oil, strengthen storage capacities and strengthen competition between operators at the point of sale, among others.


Traffic accidents: 23 dead and 2,066 injured last week

A total of 23 people were killed and 2,066 others injured, including 75 seriously, in 1,506 traffic accidents in urban areas during the week from December 20 to 26, 2021. These accidents are mainly due to the carelessness of drivers, failure to respect priority, excessive speed, inadvertence of pedestrians, failure to respect the safety distance, change of direction without use of a signal, failure to control vehicles, change unauthorized steering, failure to respect the stop sign, driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to respect traffic lights, traffic in the prohibited direction and on the left lane and faulty overtaking, said the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) in a press release.

Treasury debt forecast at MAD 885 billion in 2021 (AGR)

The Treasury debt is expected to reach 885 billion dirhams (billion dirhams) for the year 2021, according to forecasts by Attijari Global Research (AGR). “In a context marked by a continued widening of the budget deficit in 2021 to 6.2% of GDP, the Treasury debt should reach 885 billion dirhams in 2021, against 832 billion dirhams in 2020”, indicates AGR in its monthly note “Budget focus – Fixed income ”in November. The domestic debt should reach 679 billion dirhams in 2021E, up by 7.3% compared to its level observed in 2020. This takes into account a net raising of the Treasury at the end of November 2021 of 69.4 billion dirhams.

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