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Inflation is rising again, summer rental: demand up 94% in 2022 or even the steel market: relapse after the good post-Covid recovery?…, here are the main headlines from the national press published this Thursday, September 22 2022:

The Economist

Inflation rises again

Inflation is still climbing No reason for consumers to rejoice! Inflation recorded a new record: 8% in August compared to the same period last year. Over the first eight months of the year, it took 5.8% while underlying inflation, which excludes products at volatile prices and those at public prices, increased by 6.6% over one year!

Today Morocco
Summer rental: Demand up 94% in 2022

The supply of properties dedicated to seasonal rental increased by 43.1% compared to the same period in 2021, according to the results revealed by a study carried out by Mubawab analyzing seasonal rental over the period from May to August 2022. Thus, an increase of +46.4% was recorded for apartments and 23.8% for villas. In this scheme, the rental price was a considerable criterion during this summer period and the northern region is the one that has experienced the greatest increase. “For an overnight stay in an apartment, it is necessary to count, on average, 500 DH in Martil, 300 DH in Chefchaouen, 500 DH in Al Hoceima and 700 DH in Tetouan, i.e. respectively +67, +50, +25 and +75% in comparison with the previous year. For the rental of a villa, the average price is 3,700 DH/night in Tangier, 4,000 DH/night in M’diq, 3,600 DH/night in Cabo Negro and 3,100 DH/night in Martil, notes the same source.

Eco Inspirations
Moroccans preferred the North this summer

The seaside towns in the region have literally been taken by storm. This is what emerges from the results of the analysis carried out by Mubawab over the period from May to August 2022 in terms of seasonal rental supply and demand. Thus, the supply of this type of property has jumped by more than 43% compared to the same period of 2021. That of apartments shows an increase of 46.4% while the supply of villas has increased by nearly 24%. %. For a night in an apartment, it was necessary to plan an average of 300 DH in Chefchaouen, 500 DH in Martil and Al Hoceima and 700 DH in Tetouan. These prices showed, respectively, increases of 67%, 50%, 25% and 75% compared to the same period of 2021

The morning
The promotion of the social conditions of people with disabilities at the center of an agreement between the Ministry of Solidarity and the FAR

A partnership agreement aimed at promoting the social conditions of people in difficult circumstances, in particular those with disabilities, was signed between the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and the Family, on the one hand, and the Hassan II Foundation for the social work of former soldiers and veterans (OSAMAC) and the General Directorate of Social Services (DGSS) of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), on the other hand. Initialed by the Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and the Family, Aawatif Hayar, the Head of the Directorate of the Hassan II Foundation for OSAMAC, Colonel-Major Driss Rahmouni, and the Head of the DGSS of the FAR, Colonel-Major Ahmed Zejli, this agreement draws its reference from the High Royal Guidelines calling for the promotion of the social conditions of categories in difficult circumstances, in particular people with disabilities.

Steel market: Relapse after the fine post-Covid recovery?

After having achieved a turnover of 15 billion dirhams in 2021, the national steel sector risks experiencing a less advantageous year 2022. Its performance should not exceed 10 billion in turnover, due in particular to the war in Ukraine. Despite everything, it is a sector that invests enormously. In the first half of the current year alone, some 600 million dirhams of investments were made, with a view to making the sector more robust. Faced with the overcapacity of production in relation to the needs of the national market, export remains the preferred solution. But there too, the game is far from won, because of the protectionism that prevails in the steel market. Little known, but strategic, the steel market creates more than 12,000 jobs in Morocco.

Al Bayane
Seizure of more than three tons of Chira at the El Guergarat border post

A joint operation between the national security and customs services at the El Guergarat border post south of the city of Dakhla on Tuesday thwarted an attempt at international drug trafficking in a total quantity of approximately three tons and 215 kilograms of Chira, indicates a press release from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN). This seizure is the result of a surveillance operation at this border post, the statement said, indicating that the quantities of drugs seized, carefully concealed in packaging reserved for agricultural products, were stored in a trailer attached to a truck. international transport registered in Morocco.

Morocco Day
Local products, a lever for the development of the Guelmim-Oued Noun region

Speakers at a conference on “the valorization of the products of the earth”, organized Tuesday in Guelmim, underlined the importance of local products as an essential lever for the development of the region of Guelmim-Oued-Noun. During this meeting, economic actors and researchers, Moroccan and French, also highlighted the rich potential of the region, citing in particular the local products which, thanks to the Green Morocco Plan, which now play a major role in development and the local economy.

Al Massae
Back to university 2022/2023: the total number of students enrolled up by 5.97%

The total number of students enrolled for the 2022-2023 academic year reached 1,238,000, an increase of 5.97% compared to last year, said the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and of Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui. Speaking at a press conference on the occasion of the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, Miraoui stressed that this increase includes students in open access establishments, a trend which, according to the minister, reflects the quality of the diplomas of baccalaureate obtained, as well as the number of students in establishments with limited access, in accordance with the requirements of the educational reform.

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