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The school dropout accentuated by the pandemic, the market anticipates a rise in the key rate, Morocco-Mauritania cooperation: the sectors where it is good to invest…, here are the main titles of the national press published this Wednesday, September 21, 2022:

The Economist
School dropout accentuated by the pandemic

In 2022, the World Bank estimates that 70% of 10-year-old children will start from this deterioration in the level of learning. In Morocco, the situation is also causing concern among officials and families. The health crisis has hit the education sector hard, accentuating an already worrying school dropout: 331,000 children have thus left the school system for the 2020-2021 school year. In addition, school closures disproportionately affect the most disadvantaged students, those who lack the digital tools that allowed them to benefit from distance learning. Today, the generalization of quality preschool and the strengthening of initial and continuing teacher training are major pillars of this reform.

Morocco today
The market anticipates a rise in the key rate

Eyes are once again turned to BAM’s headquarters in Rabat. And for good reason. Bank Al-Maghrib holds its penultimate board meeting of the year. This advice has the entire financial and banking market in the country in suspense since BAM’s decision on the key rate is highly anticipated in a context marked by the appreciation of the dollar and the rise in imported inflation. In the meantime, predictions are coming from all sides. This is particularly the case for Attijari Global Research for which investors already seem to be integrating a scenario of a key rate hike at the next BAM monetary policy meeting, in an inflationary context.

Eco Inspirations
Startup accelerator: A mentoring program to meet the need for talent

Beginning of a solution to meet the need for talent faced by startup accelerators in Morocco, through a mentoring program. Initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and GIZ Morocco, in partnership with the Federation of the startup ecosystem of Morocco, and implemented by ANIMA investment network, the expertise and mentoring program for Moroccan startups in growth phase, is recruiting accelerators, until September 30. Objective: to boost the impact of their support. In all, 60 of them will benefit from personalized support that meets their talent, market and capital needs.

The morning
Morocco-Mauritania cooperation: sectors where it is good to invest

Some 150 Mauritanian business leaders traveled to Casablanca for the second edition of the Morocco-Mauritania Economic Forum held on September 20 with the participation of more than 400 public and private decision-makers. This meeting aims to raise the economic partnership to a higher level through greater mobilization of the private sector. The two business communities have already identified, on the ground, the sectors that can be at the heart of revitalizing economic relations. Now is the time for action!

Al Bayane
Sustained action by Morocco in favor of world peace and stability

Under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, Morocco has in fact never ceased to work for the encouragement and creation of common spaces of action and reflection for the promotion of the universal values ​​of peace, of harmony, of human development, of the settlement of conflicts by peaceful means, of the preservation of the unity of countries and the safeguarding of their identity. Similarly, the Kingdom is working through South-South cooperation to build areas of shared prosperity and a haven of peace and security in Africa and the Mediterranean basin.

Old baccalaureate: the university is open to everyone, according to Miraoui

During a conference on the “National Plan to Accelerate the Transformation of the Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation Ecosystem”, held on Monday, Abdellatif Miraoui insisted on denying the rumors teachers’ willingness to boycott the start of the academic year. The minister said that everyone is invited to think about young people who want to learn and continue their studies in public universities, especially since there are needy groups among them.

Morocco Day
UN chief calls for increased solidarity in the face of global challenges

In an interview with UN News just ahead of the General Assembly high-level week, António Guterres, UN Secretary-General, calls for the solidarity of international actors to address pressing global challenges, ranging from climate change to the war in Ukraine, and the rise of inequalities and a necessary transformation of education systems. To address these critical issues, “we need to change course,” he says. We need unity, we need cooperation, we need dialogue, and the current geopolitical divisions do not allow it”.

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