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Measures were quickly taken after the sex scandal that rocked the National School of Commerce and Management Casablanca (ENCG) in Oujda. National directives have also been given by the Minister of Higher Education, “who will apply zero tolerance to this phenomenon”.

After being heard by the commission of inquiry of the Ministry of Higher Education, the professor accused of harassment and sexual blackmail by several students of the ENCG Oujda was suspended, confirms a source within the school.

The professor underwent a long questioning by members of the General Inspection Commission, a member of the ENCG Students’ Association (ADE ENCG Oujda) confides. Three of the alleged victims were also heard by the commission. “Others have not yet found the courage to do so,” continues our source, noting that two listening cells have been set up at the school.

A first was set up by the ministry commission and another by the Mohammed I University (on which the ENCG Oujda depends). A toll-free number and an email box have also been created for the victims who are also supported by a psychologist who was dispatched to the scene, continues the same source.

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“Police officers were also on site when the commission arrived (…) but so far none of the victims have lodged a complaint”, confides our source.

” Zero tolerance “

Contacted by us, a source within the Ministry of Higher Education explains that “the commission has not yet completed its work, which will also remain confidential and will be reported directly to the Minister”, Abdellatif Miraoui.

“The commission can ask to see several people and not just the professor and the victims. Other teachers and heads of departments within the establishment will also be interviewed (…) in short, any person likely to have relevant information on the file, ”underlines the same source.

The commission will gather all the evidence for the constitution of the file. The same mission had been entrusted to a commission dispatched to the University of Settat (also shaken by a sex scandal targeting several teachers). “The commission verified all the elements of the file before concluding to a sexual blackmail”, recalls our source, stressing that “the police subsequently took over”.

The General Inspection Commission has no coercive power, specifies our source, noting that the ministry can however summon the professor before a disciplinary council.

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The cases of sexual blackmail within Moroccan institutions and universities are qualified as a real “phenomenon” by our source within the ministry.

A meeting of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU) took place this Thursday, December 30. “The minister demanded the presence of all directors and not just presidents. We were all more than 300 people connected, ”says the same source.

“The minister raised this issue and insisted on” zero tolerance “that will be applied to this phenomenon. He also encouraged all establishments to set up listening cells so that such acts do not recur in the future ”. A national cell could also see the light of day, the same source tells us.

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