“The Punch”, by Mohamed Amine Mouna, in theaters from December 29

The Moroccan film “The Punch” by director Mohamed Amine Mouna has just been released in theaters.

Since December 29, the public has been able to discover this popular action film carried, according to the filmmaker, by “a beautiful cast”. For him, this work carries “a message as important as it is necessary”. In the plot, this film on boxing, sport, hope, dreams, is proposed by Mohamed Amine Mouna who puts a “punch” on a young unemployed from a disadvantaged background. In fact, the character Rabii meets Mustapha, a failed former boxer eaten away by alcoholism. The latter believes in him and wants to make him a boxing star.

Despite the obstacles of the street, of the family, of society, Rabii tries to hold on to a seemingly impossible dream. “I wanted to make an action film, a popular Moroccan film”, admits the director who directs a beautiful cast like Said Bey, Tarik Al Boukhari, Rabii Aklim, Sandia Taj Eddine and Naima Ilyas. As a reminder, the film won several awards. First of all, the prize for the best Arab film and the prize for the best male role awarded to the actor Rabii Aklim. “The Punch” also stood out at the Tangier National Festival where it won the editing prize.

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