the Sebta government says it welcomes the announcement of the resumption of commercial traffic by land with “cautiousness”

HASwhen the government of the enclave of Melilia this morning applauded the announcement of the resumption of traffic “ordered” of goods, the leaders of Sebta have shown great caution. According to local government sources in the bordering enclave of Fnideq, quoted by the Spanish news agency EFE, the announcement “reinforces the assessment that the city government made at the time of the new relationship established between the two countries last April”.

The day after the end of the diplomatic quarrel between Rabat and Madrid, the governor of Sebta, Juan Jesús Vivas, affirmed that “If there is a climate of understanding, cooperation, loyal, effective, transparent and sincere collaboration between our two countries, between Spain and Morocco, I think that this can promote very important issues for Ceuta”. For this right-wing politician, such an agreement “can support the proper functioning of borders once they are open”.

For his part, the secretary general of the PSOE (member of the government coalition in Madrid, editor’s note) in Sebta, Juan Gutiérrez, warned that this customs office is “a historic request from entrepreneurs, social agents and all the inhabitants of Ceuta“.

According to EFE, the enclave’s central government delegation also cites a “adjustment” from the Tarajal border post for this opening.

In their joint statement, Nasser Bourita and José Manuel Albares did not indicate whether the two countries will proceed with the construction of a commercial customs post at the Tarajal crossing point. Previously, trade by land between the two enclaves and Morocco was handled by the Melilia customs post, before the latter was closed in 2018, by Moroccan initiative.

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