Three Fennecs would be positive for Covid


Bad news in the ranks of the Fennecs called by the coach, Djamel Belmadi the day before the start of the CAN 2021 training camp in Qatar.

The Algerian selection took the plane on Monday to Doha where it is due to play two friendlies against Gambia on 1er January and Ghana on January 5, before flying to Cameroon on January 6 to defend their African title.

But the group of 28 players called up by Belmadi for CAN 2021 is incomplete. According to Algerian media, two Fennecs were missing. Mohamed Amine Tougai and Hocine Benyada have tested positive for Covid-19. They have been placed in quarantine and will miss the Greens’ two friendlies.

Still according to the Algerian press, Tougai and Benyada have stepped up to Algeria to celebrate their Arab title. However, the absence of the two full-backs, who shone in Qatar during the Arab Cup, should not weigh heavily on the workforce of Belmadi, who has 26 others including 10 defenders.

It is also reported that a third player has tested positive for Covid-19. This is Youcef Belaili whose absence could impact the Greens. The Algerian Football Federation (FAF) has not yet reacted to this information but it fears that the virus affects other executives of the selection. (with TSA)

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