UN General Assembly: now revoked, SADR is a non-issue for Kenya

Speaking this Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at the UN General Assembly, the new Kenyan President, William Ruto, spoke of all the challenges facing the African continent, while being careful to ignore a “SADR henceforth forgotten, and more chimerical than ever.

Those who counted on a reversal in Kenya’s new position on the Sahara during the 77e UN General Assembly in New York will just have to pack up. This was not the case and the speech given by the new Kenyan President, William Ruto, this Wednesday, September 21 before the General Assembly provided proof of this. For Kenya, the SADR is revoked, period. And that is now a non-topic.

Throughout his 35 minutes of speech, William Ruto never mentioned the chimerical republic. Above all, he talked about the real issues of interest to Africa and the immense challenges facing the continent: development, terrorist risks, conflicts, climate change. It is true that on the side, going back to a product of pure fiction like the SADR probably had no place. And that in itself is a slap in the face to an Algerian junta and its henchmen in Tindouf who fervently hoped that the “match would be redone”, at the same time giving a funny impression of deja vu.

As a reminder, this is the fourth slap in the face by Kenya against the enemies of national integrity, in record time. It is still alive: on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, and following a message from King Mohammed VI to President Ruto, the Republic of Kenya decided to revoke the recognition of the pseudo-SADR and to begin the steps for the closure of its representation in Nairobi.

A joint communiqué stated the same day that “out of respect for the principle of territorial integrity and non-interference, Kenya gives its full support to the serious and credible autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom of Morocco, as a unique solution based on the Territorial Integrity of Morocco”, to resolve this dispute.

The Algerian machine then set in motion to pollute the message, however clear, sometimes by making believe in a withdrawal of the Kenyan presidency, sometimes by suggesting that Raila Odinga, leader of the Coalition Azimio La Umoja and main rival of William Ruto during the last Kenyan presidential election, allegedly attacked the Kenyan president’s decision to revoke the recognition of the pseudo-SADR. But there again, and this is the second slap, nothing happened.

“Reports that I attacked Ruto’s decision to review Kenya’s Polisario policy are wrong,” wrote the former Kenyan Prime Minister on his official twitter account. Raila Odinga, who won 48.85% of the votes in the last presidential election, also stressed the importance of relations between Morocco and Kenya, which he described as “beneficial”.

As if motivated by the force of desperation, the junta tried another low blow by activating its relays inherited from the old regime in Kenya. Taking advantage of a transition period during which the Kenyan government has not yet been appointed, the Algerian regime has called on the Secretary General of the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Macharia Kamau, who is about to leave, and who produced an internal note , broadcast on Friday September 16, 2022 by the media affiliated with the Algerian junta and transformed for the occasion into a “press release from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

The note from the Secretary General of the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Macharia Kamau.

The note from the Secretary General of the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Macharia Kamau, disguised as an official statement.

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The memo suggests that Kenya “stay” on its old position. Revealed, the parasite attempt proved unsuccessful and if Kenya “stays”, it is on its new position and its dismissal from the SADR. The fact that President Ruto didn’t even bother to talk about it at the UN is in itself very… telling.

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