Use. ANAPEC’s ambitious goals for 2022

ANAPEC plans in 2022 to ensure the economic integration of more than 120,000 job seekers, but also to improve the employability of more than 35,000 young job seekers, to support 6,500 project leaders. entrepreneurship and contribute to the creation of 2,600 VSEs / AGRs.

The National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC) held its Board of Directors on December 29, under the chairmanship of Younes Sekkouri, Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills. A Board meeting during which the public establishment lifted the veil on its 2002 Action Plan.

In addition to the quantified and aforementioned achievements, we must add ANAPEC’s desire to provide 150,000 job seekers with counseling and job search services, but also to position more than 100,000 job seekers. compared to a professional job.

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Speaking at this meeting, Mr. Sekkouri underlined the need to incorporate in the next version of the development plan innovative programs in line with the recommendations of the NMD, in particular through a proactive service offer for better territorial equity in response to the complaints of the territories noted during the tour organized by the supervision in the 12 regions of the Kingdom and recently closed.

The Minister, who is also counting on an overhaul of existing programs to take into account the new economic realities relating to each sector of activity. A sectoral approach which must be able to interact with the growing needs and the challenges in terms of job preservation in the various sectors. Finally, there remains the capitalization of ANAPEC’s proven experience in supporting entrepreneurship to support government projects in this area.

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At the end of this CA, the 2022 Action Plan was approved and provides for support for economic growth by meeting the skills needs of sectors, companies and investors through measures to promote employment and services provided to employers, job seekers and project leaders.

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