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Morocco’s participation in “Expo Dubai 2020” reflects the Kingdom’s commitment, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, to actively contribute to the enrichment of a serious dialogue at regional and international levels, in favor of a more secure and prosperous future for all, said the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch.

Speaking on the occasion of the official celebrations of the National Day of the Kingdom of Morocco at Expo 2020 Dubai, which took place on Sunday, Mr. Akhannouch said he was honored, along with the accompanying delegation, to kick off, on the high instructions of HM the King, these historic celebrations, adding that “today we are living exceptional moments marked by a particular honor granted to our country”.

“This will allow us to make all the countries of the world discover our ancestral heritage, our rich history, as well as our tourist, economic, scientific and cultural potential,” he underlined.

After reiterating the gratitude of the Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates and to the brotherly Gulf States, for their support to the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, the head of government noted that this participation also reflects Morocco’s desire to contribute to efforts aimed at making facing global challenges through its vision of sustainable development.

And to add that Morocco has made its pavilion at the “Expo Dubai 2020” a platform to reveal its new investment and export identity, “Morocco Now”, which aims to highlight the position of the Kingdom. as a leading industrial exporting country and an attractive destination for foreign investment.

In this sense, he stressed that the Moroccan participation in this international event constitutes an opportunity to show its assets, to breathe new life into partnerships and to consolidate relations between Arab countries and cooperation between countries of the South, in order to achieve the expected prosperity.

The head of government indicated that Morocco seeks by the celebration of its National Day to reach a level that suits it, to highlight the common and distinguished historical balance enjoyed by the two countries, which was established by the late SM Hassan. II and Sheikh Zayed ben Sultan Al Nahyane and reinforced by His Majesty King Mohammed VI and His brothers, Sheikh Khalifa ben Zayed, President of the United Arab Emirates, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Ben Zayed Al Nahyane, Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces.

In this context, he noted that the strong relations between the two countries are distinguished by a unique quality and dynamic at the political, economic, cultural and scientific levels.

The theme of this exhibition “Connecting minds, Building the future” reflects with conviction that the return to the origins and history of nations remains an important source for building the future, continued Mr. Akhannouch, explaining that, from this From a point of view, the Kingdom has adopted the theme “Legacies for the future, from inspiring origins towards lasting progress” to highlight its commitment to sustainable progress, thanks to its identity and its history. , its talents and its potential, as well as its tangible achievements in the economic and scientific fields.

He added that the sub-themes of this event reflect the challenges that Morocco seeks to meet with seriousness and efficiency in order to ensure a better future, recalling, in this regard, that the Kingdom, under the leadership of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, has made strong choices over the past twenty years, by launching structuring and fully coherent projects, in particular the development of sustainable agriculture, the promotion of renewable energies, and the achievement of an industrial emergence, in the occurrence in the automotive and aeronautic sectors, the creation of ports meeting the latest standards, the launch of the High Speed ​​LGV Line, and other major strategic projects. Mr. Akhannouch also congratulated the United Arab Emirates for their impressive organization of “Expo Dubai 2020”, noting that “this success of our brothers is a source of great pride for all of us as Arabs, d ‘especially since this event is being organized for the first time in a brotherly Arab country, and in the particular circumstances that the world is experiencing because of the health crisis ”.

For his part, Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmad Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technologies, stressed that Moroccan-Emirati relations are strengthening and consolidating more and more, noting that these relations are moving with optimism towards a future. dominated by cooperation in several areas.

He said that Morocco and the United Arab Emirates have multiple and varied opportunities to forge more partnerships that benefit both countries and the entire Arab region.

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The Emirati official expressed the thanks and gratitude of his country for the distinguished Moroccan participation in the Universal Exhibition “Expo Dubai 2020”, welcoming in this context the design of the Moroccan pavilion, which combines modernity and originality.

The ceremony began at Al Wasl Square, the beating heart of Expo 2020 Dubai, with the raising of the flags of the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, to the rhythm of the national anthems of the two countries, in the presence in particular of personalities high-level Moroccan and Emirati women from various backgrounds.

The ceremony was marked by the presence of a high-level delegation composed, on the Moroccan side, of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad, Nasser Bourita, and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Commissioner of the Moroccan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, and on the Emirati side, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, CEO of the Emirates Airline and Chairman of the High Committee for Expo 2020 Dubai, and Reem Al-Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation, Managing Director of Expo Dubai.

The celebration of the National Day of the Kingdom of Morocco is an opportunity to highlight the strengths and attractiveness of Morocco, its culture rooted in history, as well as its many achievements in the economic, social and scientific fields.

Arranged near the pavilion of the host country, the United Arab Emirates, and not far from Al-Wasl Square, the Moroccan Pavilion offers visitors the chance to discover the riches and distinctive traditions of the Kingdom, and take a retrospective journey through the millennial history of Morocco.

The visitor’s journey starts from a room on the ground floor, where the fragrant history of the Kingdom is reflected.

Large portraits of HM King Mohammed VI, the flag of Morocco and documents relating the bonds of allegiance that have always been woven between the Moroccan people with its different components, including the southern provinces, and the Alaouite Sultans, adorn in many ways this part of the pavilion.

Climbing the floors, visitors discover a space, built in a way that recalls the ancient medinas of the Kingdom, with their narrow and prolonged alleys, tinted with traditional carpet colors, all in an authentic architectural style.

The Moroccan pavilion in this global event constitutes a platform for sharing the Kingdom’s strategic vision for a more sustainable future.

In addition to offering a varied artistic, cultural, economic and scientific program, the Moroccan pavilion underlines the Kingdom’s commitment to the future of the planet, as well as the richness of a country with its skills both inside and outside. outside the country, in addition to the development dynamic in which it is committed.

Expo 2020 Dubai, the organization of which was postponed last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, is being held over an area of ​​4.38 square kilometers.

One of the largest cultural gatherings in the world, this international event is seen as an incubator of the most influential ideas, stimulating the exchange of new visions and inspiring to find realistic solutions to real global challenges.

The Dubai 2020 World Expo is the first of its kind to be held in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia region.

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