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Yesterday, Saturday, December 25, the mayor of Casablanca, Nabila Rmili, went to the CIL district with the cleaning teams from Casa Baia to evacuate the area which has become for a few years a real “informal dump”. Reporting.

“We thank Ms. Rmili for being so responsive and for coming today. It’s been about ten days since we launched a cry of alarm on social networks, it was very fast, thank you for his action ”, exclaimed Chama who, in our previous report, had entrusted us with his testimony and the difficulties encountered by his grandmother, forced to move from her house to CIL.

Victoire! Barely a week after the publication of our first article on the CIL district rendered unhealthy by construction waste, the inhabitants of the area concerned had the joy of receiving yesterday, Saturday December 25 around 11 am, the mayor of Casablanca, Nabila Rmili, and the cleaning teams of Casa Baia.

Early in the morning, SDL dump trucks and backhoe loaders were waiting for the authorities to arrive so they could get to work. Not to mention the disinfection and rat control agents that have been present for a few days already to distribute the special products in the surrounding pipes and sewers.

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This initiative was taken “following the grievances of citizens and the neighborhood of this landfill which is unfortunately informal”, commented Nabila Rmili at the microphone of H24Info. On the spot, the mayor of Casablanca took the time to speak with the inhabitants, welcoming their remarks and reflecting together on solutions to make the action sustainable, such as the establishment of a security system.

“It’s just illogical to see this in the main streets of Casablanca. Today we traveled with the Casa Baia teams to be able to clean the waste thrown by the citizens of Casablanca which has harmed their neighborhood and the public domain. This is a non-citizen act on the part of people who do not have a sense of responsibility or citizenship vis-à-vis Casablanca, ”she was indignant.

Management of inert waste soon to be the prerogatives of the City

If the management of inert waste “is not yet part of the prerogatives of the city” (but of the prefectures), it will not be long in coming. Indeed, the mayor of Casablanca affirmed that the city would “seriously consider this question of rubble which is scattered all over Casablanca”. “The CIL is not an isolated case, it is also found in Hay Hassani, in Sidi Moumen … Any unbuilt land becomes conducive to the appearance of an illegal landfill,” she noted.

On the program therefore for the next extraordinary session of the municipal council in February 2022: opening of a budget line with, in particular, the mandate of a company specializing in managing inert waste and creation of a tax for individuals or companies who abandon their waste from construction.

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In addition, quarries all around the city have already given their prior agreement to receive the rubble with a settlement system, informs the mayor, confirming what Ahmed Afilal Idrissi, 6th vice-president of the City Council, had already announced to us. , also present.

On the side of the inhabitants, relief and gratitude were in order, with the hope that the situation would not repeat itself. Especially since this insalubrity was not to displease some. According to the testimony of several residents, one of the last slum dwellers in the area encourages the traffic in rubble by agreeing to be paid for each unloading.

During the cleaning, the latter allegedly attacked with throwing stones the agents of Casa Baia who did not stop working to clear the ground, until the next day, this Sunday, November 26. Also according to residents, this person was arrested by the police.

As a reminder, this problem of urban pollution persisted for about three years with the destruction of a shanty town of several hectares, after forty years of existence. As the debris of the buildings had not been collected, the scooters saw the opportunity to dump, neither seen nor known other waste, mostly “inert”, to the chagrin of the neighborhood.

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