Vivo Energy Maroc digitizes the Taqati fuel card

Vivo Energy Maroc digitizes the Taqati fuel card

Vivo Energy Maroc is strengthening the dematerialization of its offers and services, through the digitization of its Taqati fuel payment solution.

“The dematerialization project for the Taqati solution is aimed at both individuals and professionals with small fleets of vehicles. Wanting traceability, consumption statistics and on-demand readings, our customers will particularly appreciate the Shell Taqati electronic portal, which gives them greater flexibility and agility on a daily basis,” explains Reda Badawi, Network Director of Vivo Energy Morocco.
In this sense, the portal as well as the integration of online payment platforms now offer greater accessibility and traceability, for individuals as well as for VSEs and the liberal professions. Similarly, the entire Taqati system is available on this same portal. Adopting a self-service approach, with sections dedicated to cardholders and service station managers, this new interface allows users to recharge their Taqati card online, to report on their consumption and print detailed statements.

At the same time, the multi-channel project initiated by Vivo Energy Maroc also includes the possibility of recharging the Taqati card through the external platforms “” and “” in a “Web to station” approach, as well as via the mobile applications of Vivo Energy Morocco’s banking partners. An approach that primarily aims to streamline the customer journey. According to the company, “Vivo Energy Maroc places the customer at the center of its strategy.
In addition to the development of a wide range of services, Shell service stations have continued to evolve into real living and relaxation spaces offering amenities and facilities at all levels and for all ages. Pursuing this policy of integration, Vivo Energy Maroc completes and improves the customer experience while meeting the new expectations of consumers”.

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