Well squatted. React quickly, but legally

This can happen to anyone, even when you have a land title. Second homes remain the most targeted properties and the main victims are often people residing abroad. But this also concerns main residences, when the owner is traveling, details L’Economiste in its delivery of this Thursday, September 15.

Faced with the occupation of his property, the owner should react quickly in order to recover his accommodation. However, it is not recommended to intervene personally or to resort to one’s own means to dislodge a possible squatter, warns the newspaper.

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The newspaper presents different scenarios of occupants of real estate without rights or title. It is also a person who entered by breaking and entering. This act is legally described as an offense of violation of the domicile according to article 441 of the penal code. Another scenario concerns an occupant who continues to occupy a dwelling, although the lease of enjoyment he has has been terminated. The third scenario cited by the daily concerns a squatter with a lease that he believes to be valid when it is not.

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Acting quickly by opting for the legal route to recover your property is therefore the only option without too much risk for the owner. Although the legal procedure is long and trying, it is strongly advised against taking personal action to force an occupant to leave the home. On the other hand, it makes sense to intervene with the presence of a professional, which is a way of winning the case. One thing to remember in this kind of problem is not to wait too long because, according to the newspaper, the more time passes the more difficult it becomes to dislodge an illegal occupier from your own property.

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