will Morocco give in to pressure from China?

Din Morocco, Idriss Hasan, witness to the pressure of China on the Uighurs

It is 5:20 p.m. on July 19, 2021 at Istanbul’s Sabiha-Gökçen airport and the plane ends up taking off twenty minutes late. This sunny afternoon, Idriss Hasan then thinks of closing a parenthesis of nine eventful years on the shores of the Bosphorus. He wants to open another, elsewhere. To do this, we must first reach Morocco, five and a half hours by plane. The first springboard to seek asylum in Europe then, in France most certainly.

CNDH asks Aziz Akhannouch not to extradite Uyghur detainee Idriss Hasan to China

A week after the opinion of the Court of Cassation, in favor of the extradition to China of a Uighur national, the National Human Rights Council calls on the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannnouch.

Extradition of the Uighur detainee to China: the fate of Idriss Hasan in the hands of Aziz Akhannouch?

After the approval given by the Court of Cassation, this December 15, to the extradition of Idriss Hasan, voices call on the Moroccan authorities not to extradite this Uighur national to China, where his life could be threatened. A decision now in the hands of the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch.

Zeynure Hasan: “If he is sent back to China, my husband knows full well that death awaits him”

Zeynure, wife of Idriss Hasan, a Uighur national detained in Morocco, remains in Turkey where she lives, and explains the reasons for her husband’s departure. A testimony collected by As is a few days before the Court of Cassation ruled in favor of the extradition of this man wanted by Beijing.

United Nations Committee against Torture calls on Morocco not to extradite Uighur national

A few days after the Court of Cassation ruled in favor of the extradition to China of Idriss Hasan, a Uighur national imprisoned in Morocco since July 20, the UN Committee against Torture announced provisional measures asking the Morocco to suspend this extradition.

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